Sunday, October 4, 2009

crafty, busy, tired.

Since I've gone back to work, I feel like we have been so busy.  Every night after work and every weekend, it's constantly go, go, go.  And Poppy has decided that every Saturday and Sunday (mommy's only days to sleep in past 6am) she is going to wake up at 5:30am. Every weekend since I've gone back to work.  It's like she's punishing me (or torturing is more like it).  5:30am is just too freakin' early and in the past we would just let her keep calling out for us with the hopes that she would fall back to sleep.  But she's got a new trick up her sleeve - threatening to wet the bed if we don't come get her.  Any suggestions for how to deal with that?  Because like I said, 5:30 is just too early.

We had a family reunion today, but it got rained out (which I was so relieved to have an unexpected afternoon to stay home) so I busted a nice fall craft.  We attempted to make stained glass leaves...



I put newspaper down to protect the table from becoming a stained glass leaf, and half way through the project, Poppy noticed a picture of a laptop computer in the paper...


And can you guess what she is doing in this next picture?


"I type like mommy do!"  She had to keep taking little breaks from the craft so that she could email her friends.

Oh, and she is talking sooooo much lately!  I feel like it literally happened over night.  One day she would barely say a word, and then the next morning she woke up and said "Mommy, it raining outside.  Go away rain!"  And she hasn't stopped talking since.  And it cracks us up.

I am so disappointed because yesterday we had another apple picking adventure, but when I pulled my camera out for the first picture, the battery was dead.  I seriously thought I was going to cry.  We drove out to Rochester to meet up with a couple of families that have adopted through our agency, as well as a few couples that have referrals, but are still waiting for their babies to come home.  We had so much fun, and I seriously can't believe I don't have any pics from it.

Oh, and the funniest thing happened on the way to the farm.  Earlier in the week we told Poppy we were going apple picking again, and she was soooo excited.  Every day she kept saying "Apple picking yet?  Poppy pull apple off tree?".  We were planning on leaving right after lunch and we needed her to take a nap on the way there, but I was worried that she was so excited that she wouldn't nap.  So I told her that if she wanted to go apple picking, she would have to take a nice long nap in the car.  And she said she would.  So we get in the car and she's babbling away about apple picking, so after about 5 minutes I turned around and said that it's time to close her eyes and take her nap.  She closed her eyes real tight and literally, within 30 seconds, she was dead asleep.  Like drooling asleep.  And she slept the entire drive there.  I still can't believe it.  And then she had a ball picking apples and of course she ate just about as many as she picked.


Michelle said...

Wow, I loved the fact that she put herself to sleep in the car. Awesome!
I am so excited for the talking and cannot wait for Colin to start. He mostly babbles endlessly and we just nod and say, "Oh yes, really? Tell me all about it."
Getting up at 5:30am. Nooooooooo. I am guessing she is excited to spend time with you and is very anxious upon arising.

saintlouisfricks said...

Ooh, that's a tough one - the bed-wetting threat. I'm tempted to say put the plastic sheets on and call her bluff. That way, you're protected if she's telling the truth, and you've busted her if it's an empty threat. But I honestly don't know...
Sorry about the camera battery :( I know that pain too well!
And yay for the chatterbox!

Natalie said...

What a nice weekend! I have no suggestions about the peeing in bed thing, Claire/Blaire has a few of her own issues we are working out...we will talk tomorrow :)

Love the laptop story! Isn't it great when you plan a nice craft and they plan something else. God love 'em. See ya tomorrow!!!!

Christine said...

5:30 am is definitely too early!! I know that well. (In case you have missed any of my recent ranting on the subject) I'm insanely jealous that she put herself to sleep in the car though... I can't wait until S can comprehend stuff like that!

Yay for chatterboxes! And crafts!

jenna said...

I wish Ella would fall asleep like must have magic! We took Ella apple picking yesterday and this morning she said "Ella, in tree, appo". Love the fun stuff to do in fall!

lookingforlulu said...

nooo 5:30 is tooo early miss poppy!
love that talking. it is so much fun!

Krista said...

I hear you about being so busy once you get home - my cleaning lady starts today so I'm hoping that will help reduce some of the work (yipee!). And 5:30am??!! Poppy - what are you doing to your mommy?

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