Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sleeping-in update


{blowing soapy bubble kisses}

So, Monday morning, she woke up at 5:30.  Monday night we discussed the situation and agreed that we would not go into her room to get her until 6am at the VERY earliest from now on.  Tuesday morning, she woke up at 5:10!!!  I thought Marc was going to cry.  And she was calling out for daddy.  And threatening pee-pee!  But we put our pillows over our head and tried to ignore her.  Then the calling out for us escalated to crying.  We haven't had to do this for a long time, but we just ignored it and miraculously, after 15 minutes of crying, she fell back asleep.  And slept until 7:30 and then woke up happy as a clam. :) After re-reading a sleeping book yesterday, it said the number one reason for children to wake up too early is from going to bed too late.  So last night we put her to bed a half hour earlier than normal (which is usually 8:00 at the very latest), and this morning she woke up at 6:30 (which is her "normal" wake up time and is fine by us).  So hopefully between getting her to bed a little earlier, and not going to get her before 6am, we can get back on track.

Oh, and last night we also talked a lot about how the sun comes out in the morning, but if the sun isn't out, we should still be sleeping.  So this morning when she called out for me and I went into her room, the first thing she said was "The sun shinin' yet mama?".  Unfortunately it was still pitch black out, but she did such a good job of not waking up tooo early, that I switched on a light real quick and made a big deal of the "sunshine" shining and letting us know to get up.  I'm telling you, just a week ago, she would not even have attempted to say the word "sun", but now it's full blown sentences!!!  So proud of my little talker!

Stay tuned for some fun Halloweeny adventures this weekend...


Christine said...

I swear by that rule of "go to bed earlier, get up later." Which means bedtime is 6 pm a lot of days - but whatever... you know?!

I'm SO GLAD that there seems to be a turnaround happening for you!

(And that is adorable about the sun.)

lookingforlulu said...

glad you figured out the sleeping. 5am is toooo early.
i know you are loving the talking. i cant get enough of it with lu.

Kelly said...

Yay! Good strategy! And I love, love, love that photo in the bathtub - not only is Poppy adorable (of course) but that tub is quite cute too :)

Michelle said...

We totally subscribe to the early to bed, late to rise theory over here (and most of the time Colin does also!).
The sun explanation is great, I will store that away in my playbook for when we need it at a later date.

saintlouisfricks said...

I'm with Kelly - love that tub!
And yahoo for ignoring her and her going back to sleep! AWESOME!
Way to go problem-solving. Love it, mama.
And I know Poppy's older, but I'm totally jealous of all the talking :(

Natalie said...

Love the tubbie picture! By the way have I mentioned how insanely jealous I am of your awesome bathtub!!!

Ohhhh sleep...the backbone to a happy child :)

jenna said...

Love the bathtub as well!

Ella went to bed for the past two nights about 30 minutes later than normal because we've been running around and guess what...she was up at 5:45! Not her typical 6:30-6:45 :( Lesson learned here!

klarobinson215 said...

That is a very cool tub!
I'm glad you are getting more sleep ins - I can't imagine 5:10!!

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