Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Potty time!


We just finished day 4 and I'm calling it a success! Here's what worked for us:

Day 1: Disaster. We pretty much just put underwear on her (Elmo undies that she picked out herself) and told her to let us know when she had to use the potty. We also tried to make sure we were putting her on the potty about once every hour. It was a complete disaster. At one point during the day, as I saw her standing in a puddle of pee with a brown nugget hanging out of the bottom of her underwear, I asked her if she went poo-poo and the response was "No mama, no poo-poo!" and then she proceeded to go play (I obviously intervened and cleaned her up, but the point is that it didn't bother her). I told Marc that I was ready to throw in the towel and he kept saying "Stay the course! It's only the first day!".

Day 2: We smartened up. We bought a timer and a bag of m&m's. The timer was set for every 30 minutes and she got 1 m&m for pee-pee and 2 for poo-poo. (I got a handful of m&m's for every time I had to clean up an accident) We had a few accidents, but she was definitely interested in the reward of "em, em!" as she calls them.

Day 3: Only one accident in the morning and she went #2 for the first time in the potty (I'm sure you can only imagine our excitement).

Day 4: One little accident in the morning, and when she realized that she dribbled she immediately said "Oh no! ELMO!!!" (because she was upset that her Elmo underwear got wet) and then ran to the bathroom as fast as she could and finished going on the potty. Today we went to the mall for a *quick* trip to the Apple store. Unfortunately, the store was packed and we had to wait a while. We were all distracted and lost track of time when Poppy came running up to me and said "Pee-pee mama! Pee-pee!". The nearest restroom was pretty far and she refused to let me carry her so I walked fast and she ran behind me all the way. Got to the bathroom and Elmo undies were still dry and she went on the potty. The whole drive home from the mall she kept saying "Elmo dry! Elmo dry all day!" She also let me know when we got home that she had to go. So you can definitely tell that something "clicked" today and she got the concept of the whole thing.

I would call that a success, wouldn't you? I'm so proud of her that she caught on so quickly- because as of day 1, I seriously did not think this was going to happen. And they say to try to stay home as much as possible during potty training, but we've been pretty busy so we've been out and about a lot and she still did good! (oh and for anyone thinking about starting potty training, you need to get the folding plastic potty seat for public restrooms - you just fold it up and keep it in your diaper bag) Wish us luck tomorrow!

Monday, June 29, 2009

School's out for summer!


Weather-wise, we're not having the greatest start to our summer vacation (with a forecast of another 4 days of thunderstorms) :( .  But I am so excited to be home with my baby, that it doesn't even matter!

While Poppy was napping today, I started to jot down the things I wanted to do this summer, and the entire piece of paper was filled within minutes.  We are going to have so much fun.  And my goal is to blog about our fun-filled days, every day.  Yes, every day.  Coming from someone who has a hard time blogging once a week, this might be quite the challenge.  It's so crazy how fast this girl is growing and changing that I want to try to document as much as I can.  So wish me luck on this new challenge, and be nice if I get lazy every once in a while.

Another crazy thing I've decided to do this summer - potty training for Poppy!  We've just completed day 3.  I'm exhausted.  And I don't want to jinx myself, so I'll wait til tomorrow to give a more detailed report...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family Fun


Hanging with the cousins on father's day...



Marc had a great first father's day, just relaxing all day with Poppy.  After nap we headed over to my parents for a clam bake and more hanging out and relaxing with the fam.


And then a quick trip to the zoo tonight...



She kept telling Marc that this goat was Lola.  Silly girl.

(2 more days of school 'til SUMMER!!!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

bad mommy


I just realized that Poppy is now 25 months old, almost 26 months, and I completely forgot about her monthly update. Since we are so close to 26 months, I won't go into a full update, but here are a few bits about my baby...

*She got herself out of her bed for the first time this morning. It was at her normal wake up time, but she usually just sits up and calls out (or I should say sings out) for one of us to come get her. This morning Lola slipped into her room before I did and I watched from the doorway to see what would happen. Upon seeing Lola, Poppy sat up in bed and in a real small whisper said "Up Lola! Up! (pats her bed) Where mama Lola? Where mama?" Quite possibly the cutest little conversation ever. She then proceeded to get out of bed and follow Lola into our room. We'll see what happens tomorrow morning...

*Loves to sing. She can sing Twinkle, Twinkle with me and some parts are even in perfect harmony. Happy Birthday and Row Your Boat are also commonly heard in our house right now.

*She had her first little stomach bug about 2 weeks ago. Ever since then, this girl can eat like no other. She eats almost anything we put on her plate and when we ask her if she's all done she has been known to say no, and then start licking the crumbs off her plate. She has been going to bed with a serious buddha-belly lately.

*Has discovered how to count up to 4. She gets so excited when she sees something she can count, even if there are only two things. "On, twoooo!" with a smile so big you'd think she just won the lottery.

*Watched "The Little Mermaid" for the first time (well, 10 minutes of it until she started asking for Elmo instead) and is convinced that I am Ariel and Dada is the prince.  Awwww.

*Have I ever mentioned that she really likes ice-cream?



Exciting news on the elephant front - my mom took her to the zoo today and reported that her love of the elephants is back and strong as ever. What a relief. And we have a couple other exciting things going on around here - 1 more week of school left for me until I get to spend aaaallllll summer long with Little Miss, and we have a very important 1 year anniversary coming up very soon, too!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No more elephants.

Elephants have always been Poppy's favorite animal. She can't get enough of them at the zoo, she pretends to be an elephant at home, and she has an assortment of books that all have elephants in them that we have to read on a daily basis. So when we found out the zoo was having a special elephant demonstration this weekend, we knew we had to be there. Well, apparently Poppy only likes elephants when they are contained behind large bars or when they are in books, because she was totally freaked out by how close we got to this elephant...IMG_6503

We got to feed the elephant a cracker and the whole time she kept saying "no-no mama" while she clung to me with the death grip.

Then they gave the elephant a hose to play with and he pretty much looked right at us and sprayed us with it. Poppy was not happy, at all.


And now ever since Saturday, all day long, she keeps saying, "No elephant! No wa-wa! No elephant wa-wa!" And as soon as she gets to a part of a book that has a picture of an elephant, she says "Bye-bye!" and turns the page real quick. I think it's gonna be a while before we go back to the zoo.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big girl


Helping out in the garden...



We had a very exciting day today.  We decided to take the plunge and get rid of the ghetto mattress on the floor that was serving as Poppy's bed, and get her a big girl bed of her own.  I've been shopping around for a while but couldn't find anything just right for Little Miss.  So we went to Ikea this morning and seeing Poppy's reaction to the kid's bed section was too funny.  She went from bed to bed laying down shushing us while she pretended to sleep and telling us which beds we had to lay down in.  We finally found the perfect bed - it kind of looks like a toddler bed, but it is extendable and it turns into a twin size, and it has built in side-rails which was a big plus.

Daddy's little helper...


The perfect size for Poppy and Lola!


And I think my big girl likes her new bed!


Friday, June 5, 2009

It's all in the name


(from my co-worker's garden)

It's officially "Poppy season" in our neighborhood and I thought this would be a perfect time to give an explanation to our daughter's name.  Whenever someone meets Poppy for the first time, the normal reaction is: "What did you say her name is?  Poppy?  Huh, where did you get that from?"  Sooooo...

When we first moved into our house, I started taking early morning walks with Lola all around our neighborhood.  When spring rolled around I was all into checking out everyone's gardens and learning about new flowers.  One morning I came across a huge patch of bright orange blooming poppies next to a church.  I couldn't get over how gorgeous and unique they were.  I visited them every morning until their petals fell off and nothing was left but the green twisty stalks.  By the end of the week I mentioned to Marc how much I loved the flowers and how beautiful Poppy would be for a name.  He laughed.  A lot.  Years passed by and when we became serious about having children, I immediately brought up Poppy for a name again.  He laughed, again.  Needless to say, it took a lot of perseverance on my part to convince Marc that Poppy would be the perfect name for our daughter (and I didn't even push the fact that I really wanted Flower for her middle name), but in the end we all couldn't imagine our little Poppy with any other name. 

Last week we took a walk by the original poppies next to the church and they were in full bloom.  I was bummed that I didn't have my camera, but decided to come back the next day to take pics for the blog.  Unfortunately, we had a windy, rainy night and all that was left the next day was this lone little flower...



Our little Poppy Flower.
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