Sunday, September 27, 2009

apple picking

Apparently we are all about fruit picking this year.  Poppy absolutely loves it.  She loves being able to run around in the orchards, and she is always in awe when she realizes that she gets to pick her own fruit and eat endless amounts of it.  This weekend we took a drive out to the Hurd Orchard...

Picnik collage





After all of our hard work, it was back to the barn for some yummy homemade chicken pot pie and cider...



Stay tuned for next weekend's "picking" adventures...

Friday, September 25, 2009

28 months

We have been so busy this week that I have not taken out the camera once.  But I was happy to see these surprise pictures that Marc took the other night while I wasn't home...


(that's a rat stuffed animal on the chair with her - her new favorite buddy)


Apparently, once you have a 2 year old, you become really bad at posting updates.  Time has just been flying by lately and we are seeing sooooo many changes in Poppy.

Speech - she has always been pretty delayed in her speech.  I was actually just going to call the county to have her speech re-evaluated next month, but suddenly we are seeing huge improvements!  She definitely has her core words that she likes to stick to, like whenever she puts baby doll in her stroller and walks away saying bye-bye to us and we ask her where she is going, she will ALWAYS says "Uma, Upa!"  and now she says "Uma, Upa home."  I think she really just feels comfortable saying Uma and Upa.  Usually when we ask her to say a new word she will just walk away, or put her head down and try to get out of having to try.  But lately she is actually trying and half of the time we can understand what she is saying!  Oh, her new favorite word is "juicy", everything is juicy.  The other day at dinner I asked her if she wanted some chicken.  "No mama, no chicken.  JUICY CHICKEN!  Juicy."  And all apples are juicy apples.

She is a creature of habit.  She absolutely needs a routine (just like her mama).  Every single morning, she wakes up at the same time, snuggles in our bed for a bit and then needs her little cup of dry cereal and cup of milk while she sits on the couch and watches Ariel.  Have I ever mentioned how many times she has watched The Little Mermaid?  Well, she actually only watches about 15 minutes at a time, but seriously, she can just watch it over and over again.  And one time I tried to put a different disney movie on and all hell broke loose.  "No mama, no-no!  ARIEL!!!  No dis!  No dis!"  The newest part to her little routine is on days when I don't take her to daycare, she has to hold my lunch and walk me out to my car before work.

Favorite book right now is The Napping House.  Obsessed.

This girl can eat.  And she like to take her sweet time eating - always the first one to sit down and start eating, and always the last one at the table.  We were out for dinner last week and I ordered the children's spaghetti for her.  Out comes this massive adult sized bowl of spaghetti.  Her eyes got real big, she pulled her chair up as close as possible to the table and dug in.  And she did not stop eating until every last scrap of spaghetti was in her belly.  Even the waitress was shocked.

She's a bit of a neat freak (I have no idea where she would have gotten that from).  Lately I've been noticing that we usually don't even need to ask her to help clean up.  She loves to sing her "clean up" song to herself as she puts books away, puts blocks back in the block bin, all of her Melissa & Doug toys back in their containers, etc.  Love this girl.

We just finished our first week of having her sleep in her big girl undies.  Success!  My first week back to work she was having quite a few accidents, especially at naptime, but now that we are back into the swing of things, I would say she is done with potty training!  One of the biggest pains about having her potty trained is that she loves to check out new bathrooms, especially when we are out shopping.  Usually I can tell when she really has to go and we try to avoid public restrooms, but you also don't want to have an accident when you're in the middle of the mall.  Well yesterday we were out shopping and she declared that she had to go poo-poo.  I knew that she didn't really have to go, so I told her that she would have to hold it until we got home.  So she took both of her hands and literally held her butt.  When I saw what she was doing, I said no, you don't hold your butt.  So she let go and started saying poo-poo! poo-poo!  So I said hold it, and again she held her butt.  This went back and forth with the butt holding and all of the store clerks were giggling and when we finally got home, guess who did not need to go poo-poo or even pee-pee.  My little faker.

So many silly little things she is doing lately, I really do need to get better about writing it all down.

Monday, September 21, 2009

dance class

So I asked Marc if he wanted to come to dance class tonight to take some pictures.


(check out the underwear hanging out of the bottom of her leotard)


And then she thought it would be soooo funny to run to daddy when she was supposed to be learning a new routine.


IMG_8735Don't these two look like they're up to no good, as usual?

So, definitely, daddy will not be joining us at dance class again.  She was so distracted and just kept running towards him every chance she got.  She's a daddy's girl.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

laying low...

I got my first "back to school" cold last week.  I've felt like poop since Wednesday, but I think after a weekend of laying low, I'm finally feeling better.  Every time Poppy sneezed or got a little sniffle in her nose, we both freaked out because we are so not ready for her to be sick.  Luckily she seems to feel just fine.  This afternoon we went to a little get together at a friends house to watch the game...


"Let's Go Bill's!"

Monday, September 14, 2009

The weather was just perfect this weekend.  Poppy had her last hurrah of swimming at a friend's house on Sunday...

[caption id="attachment_1283" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="You know she's having fun when the tongue is out!"]IMG_8632[/caption]

Tonight was our first mommy and me tap/ballet class.  Poppy had an absolute blast.  We learned a simple little routine that we do together (no, I don't have to wear a leotard or tap shoes, I just hold her hands and mimic her) and as soon as the routine was over Poppy kept saying "Do it again mama!  Again!!".  And then the last 15 minutes of class, she made it clear that she was DONE.  She plopped her little butt on the floor and wouldn't participate in the rest of class.  That was fine by me 'cause I was pooped too.  We'll see how next week goes...

[caption id="attachment_1284" align="aligncenter" width="409" caption="Too busy to pose for a picture. Phone calls that need to be made."]IMG_8655[/caption]

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our favorite day of the week...

is definitely Saturday!!!  It's taking us all a little longer than expected to get back into the swing of things since I've gone back to work.  We're all exhausted.  Poppy turns into a beast every night at about 5:30, and bedtime can't come soon enough.  I'm so tired that I'm not usually too far behind her.  She's still crying when we drop her off in the morning at daycare - I can't wait until we get to the point where she runs to the door of daycare and says bye and then waves to me from the window.  Friday morning when she woke up she declared that she was staying home, and so was mommy and so was daddy and Lola.  It broke my heart to tell her I had to go to work and that we wouldn't be able to snuggle in bed all day.  So right now we are all definitely looking forward to our weekends together.

This morning we went on our weekly walk to the farmers market (to pig out on fruit and muffins), the library, bank, co-op, dry cleaners, movie store, and a few other shops in between.  By the time we got home from our walk, we had so much stuff in our wagon that there wasn't enough room for Poppy.




And then there's always something fun going on Saturday evenings.  Tonight we met up with some friends at the Irish Festival...


She couldn't believe that she got a "tattoo" on her face and she was so excited to point it out to everyone.


And she still asks for "Baby Youeeeee" at least one time a day, but then when she sees him she still clams up.  Funny little girl.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

yankees game

Saturday morning we headed up to Toronto for one last Yankees game of the season. Poppy was super excited to see more baseball- so excited that she didn't nap at all on the way there.  Our seats were directly in the smoking hot sun, but we still managed to have a great time...


So after the game, we get in the car and start heading towards our favorite sushi restaurant for dinner.  Poppy's in the backseat chatting away, asking for seaweed snack (have I mentioned how obsessed she is with eating seaweed lately?) and then within seconds there is silence...

Is that not the funniest thing you've ever seen?

Now just so you don't think that we are cruel parents, keep in mind that we were in the danger zone - if she would have fallen asleep then, there is no way she would have gone to sleep at bedtime, so we had to keep her up.  And we did make it to our sushi place and then even managed to walk around the city for a bit.  Good times were had by all.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

first day of school

The little stinker was too concerned with watching the garbage and recycling trucks to smile for a picture...


So we all returned to our normal work routines this week and so far so good.  Actually, it's going better than good.  I stressed all summer long about this week, when in reality I absolutely LOVE my job and am grateful to have it, and Poppy loves her daycare and has been asking to see her friends for weeks.

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