Monday, October 12, 2009

"mommy & me"

Yay for having off on Columbus Day!  Poppy kept singing our "mommy and me" song from dance class all day today.  We did a little shopping for some finishing touches for Poppy's halloween costume and then took a stroll down Elmwood Ave, stopping at Starbucks for lattes.



Us girls were having so much fun together that I think she thought I was going to forget about naptime.  So when I announced that it was indeed time for a nap, she lost it.  Starting sobbing "No night night!" over and over as she walked to her room and got herself in bed.  It was quite a sight.  But once she got settled in and stopped crying, we read some books and sang our songs and I told her I would see her when she woke up.  About a minute after I left the room I heard her start crying and then she was wailing "BUT THE SUN IS SHININ'!!!  THE SUN IS UP, NO SLEEPING!!!".  Oh, it was so pathetic that I had to laugh.  Luckily her wailing only lasted a few seconds before she drifted off to sleep.  Nice try.


Christine said...

Oh my god, is that what I have to look forward too?! At least it's good for a laugh!

LOVE that sweater.

saintlouisfricks said...

Wow, even when it's bad it's not bad for you guys! ;)
I love that she protests nap time while going TO bed. Hee hee.
yay for a mommy and me day!

Michelle said...

Wow, she does work it even while going down for a nap. So cute (and funny). I also love that sweater!

jenna said...

I'm so jealous you had off for Columbus Day...looks like you guys had an awesome day. Cracking up about the "sun still shining" comment...she's a smart cookie!

Natalie said...

Ok, how adorable is that sweater?!?!?! Super cute with her drinking her Starbucks!

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