Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're still having fun with our art projects...

Today we started working on my favorite project so far, I can't wait to post pics of the finished product!  Fun, fun, fun!


Other than working on art projects, we've been quite busy around here.  We're getting ready for our first vacation as a family of four.  I hate packing for just myself.  Having to pack for Poppy used to stress me out.  Having to pack for all of us, including an infant who requires tons of stuff, totally stresses me out.  So I've been trying to get a heads start on packing, running errands, thinking about getting my hair chopped off again, etc.  Oh, and I've been reading this really, really good book (which explains my lack of blog posts lately).  It's called "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls.  I am absolutely loving it so far!  And I just found out there is a "prequel" and I definitely plan on bringing it with me on vacation.

We are borrowing this little beach tent from my parents, and we set it up in our living room to see how big it is.  Poppy immediately took it over as her "cave".  Have you ever seen "Hoarders"?  I know you have.  Here is evidence that Poppy doesn't stand a chance of not being a hoarder when she grows up...

This was literally within 30 minutes of having this tent set up.  Ca-razy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


...we've been enjoying our art lessons.  This is our family landscape.  Poppy was the director.  She picked the paint colors and told us what to paint and where.  I painted the grass, sky and clouds...
Poppy began painting the barn and the road and then directed Marc to finish it up for her...
Didn't it turn out cute?
Lately, we've also been enjoying our stroller and some time at the playground.  The weather has been great, right up until the snow storm we got this morning.

She was pretending that she was driving a train with this wheel.  She was the conductor and me and Sam were in charge of filling the coal cars.

This past weekend was Maple Weekend in WNY, so we packed up the car and took a drive out to Moore's sugar shack for some all you can eat pancakes and real maple syrup (Poppy came up with the idea to paint a farm for our landscape painting while we were on this drive).

The waitress brought out a bunny shaped pancake for Sam and I have never seen this kid any happier than he was when he was eating that thing.  It was the size of 2 regular sized pancakes and he ate every last bite!  And Poppy ate 6 regular pancakes, 3 sausage patties and 2 glasses of oj!  I've never seen anything like it!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saturday dinner

I had every intention of taking pictures of the finished product, which was absolutely delicious, but we all had a really light lunch that day and were starving by the time we got these raviolis on the table.

We've busted out the pasta maker a few times over the past few months.  It always surprises me how easy it really is to use.  Any yummy.  And Poppy loves being able to help out.  She eagerly scoops up any and all scraps and calls them her play-doh and makes her own "pasta".

Thursday, March 17, 2011

busy week

Let's start with last weekend.  We had a playdate at the science museum with a few of my co-workers and their kids.  Poppy has been loving the science museum lately.

We tried to get a group shot of all the kids and out of about 20 pictures, this is the best one.  Cracks me up.

They have this awesome exploratory play area at the museum and I'm obsessed with these blocks that they have.  They look like they are wooden, but they are actually made out of a super dense lightweight foam.  I want them for our house.  This huge tower fell right on Sam's head and he didn't even notice!
And then our art class started on Monday and has kept us quite busy all week.  I created this "centerpiece" that now resides on our dining room table last week.  Poppy loves having access to all of these art supplies and being able to doodle or color or work on a project at any time.
Here are a few examples of what we worked on...

We learned about primary colors, the color wheel, how to mix and create new colors, and about warm and cool colors...

Poppy was supposed to complete this worksheet, but she wasn't into it.  Apparently Marc was digging it though - check out all of those details!

This is a project we did using the "cool colors" that Poppy chose...
I love working with the acrylic paints - makes me feel like a professional artist.  Poppy however isn't too big of a fan because she has to wear gloves while using them (they're toxic for young children) and the only gloves we had were way too big.  Luckily we found an art store that carries children sized latex gloves so we'll definitely pick those up and hopefully Poppy will change her tune about the paints.

This was a project we did when exploring mixing colors... 
And we didn't even get to today's projects!  This class is definitely keeping us busy, but we are all really having a lot of fun with it.

Today we started off by finishing up some art projects and then we headed into the kitchen for some baking.  I wanted to make some St. Patty's day cookies to bring to pizza Thursday, but we didn't have a shamrock cookie cutter so we settled on turtle cookies (because at least they would still be green).  Little did I know that the weather was going to be absolutely gorgeous today, so I ended up quickly frosting these guys while the babies were "napping".  (Quotes around the napping because as of daylight savings time, Poppy has yet to actually sleep during her naptime.  Grrr.)

As soon as they woke up, we busted out the double stroller and took our first walk of the year down to the playground.  Just about everyone in Buffalo was outside this afternoon - the weather was AWESOME!  Then it was off to the golf dome to meet the cousins for some pizza and a round of miniature golf.  Everyone looked so cute in their green outfits and I'm kicking myself for not trying to get a group shot.

 And just because he's so cute...

Monday, March 14, 2011

fresh air

Getting ready to walk to the library last week...
(I love the fact that Sam is trying to figure out how he can get Poppy's hat in his mouth.)
(I love that Poppy is always so patient with him when he pokes her in the eye or pulls her hair.  She always considers those to be signs of affection.)

We needed to pick up some books I had on hold at the library one night last week.  The weather was just starting to get nice, but it was still cold and icy and there was mud everywhere, so I wanted to drive there.  Marc insisted that we bundle up and walk (it is only a block from our house).  And I am soooo glad we walked.  It felt so good to get outside!  I am soooo ready for spring!  I am ready for summer and sunshine and the beach!

It is still yucky and muddy outside, but I think another walk to the library is in order for tonight.  I'm hoping the book I requested for our online art class is ready.  Speaking of our art class, today is the first day.  I can't wait for Poppy to wake up from her nap so we can get started!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

king cake and art supplies

How is that for a random title?  

Do you know what a king cake is?  I saw them at Wegman's this weekend and decided to try to make my own.  I found the world's easiest recipe and gave it a go today.  I love the fact that it's supposed to look like a 3 year old decorated it!  And my 3 year old loved decorating it!  

Not only did it turn out super yummy, but it was also super fun.  Tradition says you are supposed to hide a trinket, like a plastic baby or a nut inside the cake.  So I stuck a nut in the cake before baking it.  Just as I was about to cut into it, I explained to Poppy and Marc that there was a nut hidden in the cake and whoever got it was the big winner of the day.  Poppy was intrigued.  She declared that she wanted the first piece and told me exactly which piece to cut.  Lo and behold - she got the nut!  She was soooo excited!  And I love the fact that she never even asked if there was a prize, just the title of "winner" was more than enough of a prize for her.


I also spent the day running around getting supplies for our upcoming online art class!  It starts next week and we are so excited!  And if I'm being totally honest, I think I am way more excited than Poppy is.  I've always wanted to paint with acrylics and use oil pastels.  I seriously can't wait!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hospital visit

My mom had knee replacement surgery this week and is spending the next few days in the hospital.  It's funny how much Poppy remembers about when I was in the hospital having Sam.  As soon as I told her where Uma was having her knee "fixed", Poppy asked if I remembered when she brought me dinner and a cookie at the hospital, and a stuffed animal for Sam.  I was relieved that she doesn't seem to think of the hospital as a scary place.  

We made these bright and cheery "feel better soon" cookies yesterday.  (don't ask - I don't know why I'm all about the cookies lately.  Last night as I was finishing up frosting these after Poppy went to bed, I told Marc that I find it relaxing.  Weird.)

And Poppy was very determined to get a book for Uma, because she's going to have a lot of time on her hands in the next few weeks.  She really thought Uma would want a Thomas book, or a Clifford book, but I was able to talk her into an adult novel.
And then today was spent making a card.  I love the things she comes up with to have me write in cards lately.

Dear Uma,
I really love you.  Can you come over again?  Are you going to like these cookies I made for you?
Love, Poppy

And Sam just sat there looking cute the whole time.  He loves being able to sit at the table with everyone now that he's in his big boy highchair.

So tonight we're bringing up dinner and our little care package.  Poppy is very excited about the adventure of going to the hospital for a visit!
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