Monday, September 10, 2012

1st day of school!

We survived!  Actually, we did more than just survive.  We loved it!!!  I was so nervous about Poppy and how she would be about getting on the bus, or what if she started crying when she got to school.  But as always, Poppy is full of surprises.  She woke up and she was pumped about her first day of kindergarten...
She had her dress picked out the night before, her lunch and bookbag was packed and she was ready!

We all walked down to the bus stop together and everyone was very excited.  Notice Poppy's big yellow hand she is wearing around her neck?  Her school didn't send her a name tag over the summer and I was nervous that when she got off the bus at school, she might get lost or not know where to go.  So the night before school we read The Kissing Hand and then we traced my hand and wrote her name, class room and bus number on it and she proudly wore her "kissing hand" name tag to school...

And when her bus pulled up, she gave us kisses and hopped right on, got a window seat and waved goodbye.  Just like that.  And then I burst into tears.  I totally didn't think I would get all emotional, but there was no stopping it.  Sammy burst into tears too.  His were because he was mad that he didn't get to ride on the bus.

When she got home and I asked her how school went she said, "It was even better then I ever imagined it would be!  I loved it!"  And every day since then her reply is always the same when I ask her how school was - "It was even better than yesterday!"

Sammy is also loving it at Miss Rose's house, which is such a relief.  I knew he would love it, but I thought it would take him a little longer to get used to it.  Nope, he was great on the first day!

And being back to work myself is going even better then I expected!  ( I kinda sound like Poppy!)  The only thing is that I forgot how exhausting it is!  Tonight is the first night that I don't want to crawl into bed at 7pm.  But overall, we are all loving our new schedule and it makes us appreciate every minute that we get to spend together at home!

Monday, September 3, 2012

It's happening!

It's really, really happening!  Tomorrow I officially go back to work and the next day is Poppy's first day of kindergarten!!!  What?!  So many mixed emotions, I don't even think I can describe them.  It's funny that Poppy and I are actually both feeling the same mixed emotions.  Mostly excitement with a little bit of nervousness mixed in there too.  Wish us luck!

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