Monday, August 31, 2009


Of course Poppy had a great time at the birthday party (just look at all of those cupcakes that needed to be eaten)!





Then on Sunday I had a wedding shower to go to, so Marc decided to take Poppy on a steam engine ride.  Poppy is absolutely obsessed with trains.  When he told her that they were going on a train ride, all we heard for days was "Daddy, Poppy CHOO-CHOO!!!!"



The report was that she absolutely loved it.  She's had a smile glued to her face ever since they came home and she keeps telling me about how daddy took her on a choo-choo and it went "puff, puff, ding-dong, ding-dong!"  They've already got their next trip planned for in the fall.

And sadly, today was my last day of summer vacation and tomorrow I head back to work.  This is also the end of my blogging-every-single-day-project that kicked my butt.  I absolutely love the fact that I have every single day (except for when we were at the beach and maybe one other day) of our vacation documented, but man, that was hard work!  We will now continue with our weekly, or whenever the heck I feel like it blogging.


saintlouisfricks said...

How cute is she, sitting on the train?!
My favorite picture, though, is her looking at her beloved cupcake, hands clasped excitedly in anticipation. I feel the same way about cupcakes, Poppy!

Kelly Cole said...

I love her on the train. She looks sooo excited to be there with her daddy. I also love that Poppy always talks about herself in the third person. :)

We will miss your every day blogging, but I guess all good things (like summer) must come to an end. Good luck back at work.

Natalie said...

I love the last pic! The trains looked like a blast. See you tomorrow :)!!! PS those cupcakes made hungry!!!!

Christine said...

So, cupcakes in Chicago?! ;-)

I'll miss your daily posts... but I understand!

And, we are ALL very jealous of the train ride here...

jenna said...

we loved the daily posts...but school must go on...blahhhhh. i too went back yesterday. so sad.

jenna said...

oh...ella's in LOVE with trains right now too...she'd be so jealous. looks like fun!

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