Monday, August 3, 2009

the bee conversation

Brendan July Aug 2009 041

(snacking on a piece of seaweed at the park this morning)

Our blogging friends Michelle and Colin are visiting from out of town.  We met up this morning to take a walk in the park and Colin was kind enough to share some of his seaweed with Poppy.  Despite her expression, it was a big hit.

So here is Poppy's new favorite conversation (that we have multiple times a day)...

Scene: I finish buckling her into her carseat and shoo a fly out of the car before I get into my seat.

Poppy: Mommy, a bee eat you!

Me: What?!  A bee ate me?

Poppy: No, a bee ate  ME!

Me: Oh no, a bee ate you?

Poppy: makes a big chomping re-enactment with her mouth and points to her head.  Yes mommy, a bee ate me.  No, no bee.

After a dinner out on a patio last week where I was being swarmed with bees and kept shooing them away, Poppy asked what I was doing and I told her that I didn't want a bee to bite me.  She is now obsessed with the fact that bees "eat" people.  She has never been stung, and she has yet to see anyone else get stung, but now anytime she sees a fly, or anything else resembling a bee, that is the conversation that we must have and there is usually a body part that gets pointed to where she claims the bee "ate" her.  And it cracks me up that she constantly mixes up her "me, you and my's".


Marge said...

Hi , I think Poppy is 'beeing' very very funny. I love the stories and pics. She was pretty tired yesterday when I brought Lola home but she was glad to see her. Post pics from the picnic can't wait to see them.

Michelle said...

Choripdong Roasted Seaweed Laver w/ sesame oil and salt. Yum!

Christine said...

Colin got Spence hooked on that same seaweed. It's a lunch time staple here now... I'm actually attempting "rice rolls" this week...

As for the Bee?! Hysterical!!!

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