Sunday, August 2, 2009


We had our annual Love the Children (our adoption agency) picnic today.  When we went last year, we had only had Poppy for a few weeks and she was still in trauma-mode, glued to me in the carrier and would not look at anyone.  Everyone was so excited to see how far she has come in a year.  The only person she was still really shy around was the director of our agency, the older Korean woman who matched us up with her.  "C" told her she would give her 1 more year to warm up to her, and told her that she loves her anyways.  Maybe next year Poppy will have a hug or at least a smile for the woman who made our little family possible.

Anyways, I have been LAZY with the camera lately.  I have a few more pics from the beach to post, but honestly I only took my camera out of the bag a handful of times while we were there.  And today I didn't even touch it once - Marc was the photog of the day.  Tomorrow I'll be back on track - I really have loved getting to know my camera by forcing myself to use it everyday.

And the park was full of the cutest little Koreans I've ever seen, but I don't usually feel comfortable posting pics of other people's kids, so here's little miss, aka the next football superstar...




And there's that tongue!


Christa said...

We just got home..exhausted. What a fun time. And the funniest part was Andy asking you for a diaper..he needs pay attention...LOL..he was eating Poppy's reward Reese's today and talking to Marc about potty training...LOL..I need to bring a diaper for Michelle tomorrow. She saved the day!

Natalie said...

What a great way to spend the day! I can't wait to see the pics from the beach!

dana said...

what a little pumpkin!!! rubes has the same outfit!!

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