Monday, November 24, 2008

We had a great fun-filled weekend. First thing Friday morning, we were off to Explore & More, a local children's museum. I took Poppy there about 2 months ago and she didn't really seem to have a good time. She was pretty much glued to my leg and could have cared less about any of the exhibits. This time it was a different story. As soon as I had her jacket off, she hit the ground running and just couldn't decide which exhibit to go to first! It's so exciting to see such a change in her.

She finally decided on playing with the fake food first. Of course - anything to do with food. Here she is telling me to stop touching her fruit.


Then it was off for some deep concentration while trying to get this fake door unlocked.



One of her favorite things was definitely the rice table. Unfortunately we had to move away once she started trying to eat the rice. Eeeew, can you imagine how dirty it is?!


And by the time we got to "Vietnam", it was a little too close to nap-time, so we finally called it a day.


Then Saturday it was off to the Holiday Inn for some indoor swimming. Courtney's mom and aunt came into town for the weekend and were kind enough to invite the entire crew to crash their party.

Here she is getting attacked by aunt Courtney. Doesn't look like she mind's a bit!



Although Little Miss decided that she didn't want to go swimming, she did enjoy watching her cousins swim, and even thought it was funny to get splashed.




And then we even managed to get ourselves a jogging stroller that can handle all of the snow that is going to be coming our way this winter. On Sunday we took to it to Delaware Park for a test ride and I love it! Can't believe we waited this long to get one!


saintlouisfricks said...

Oh! We LOOOVE our jogger! Living in the city means crappy sidewalks and it rolls over all the cracks like they're nothing! Enjoy. And Poppy's not alone - Olive totally would've eaten the rice too. EVERYTHING goes in that mouth. Ick...

Chandra said...

I'm sure I must have said this before, but Poppy is just sooo beautiful! Love the photos, so funny that she wanted to eat the rice! You can see in all of these photos how much she has changed, she looks like she is really starting to have fun and relax.

Carol said...

My sister and I really enjoyed getting to meet Poppy on Saturday. She is even more adorable in person than in pics. It was great seeing you and Marc as well. I hope we get to see you when we come during Christmas.

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