Friday, November 14, 2008

18 months.




Do you detect a little attitude in these pictures?  Oh yeah.  Guess what the newest addition to her vocabulary is.  "No."  And it is oh so cute.  I know I should be totally discouraging when she says it, but I just can't help giggle each time.  Her personality is really beginning to shine through and my mom likes to describe it with one word: stubborn.  If she sees that I'm getting out the stuff to change her diaper, she freezes, folds her arms on her chest and pouts.  And refuses to move.  If I catch her playing with a pen, she'll hide it behind her back, with a death grip.  How does she know to do that?


This is her friend Andrew, who only calls her by her full name, Poppy Han-Yeong.


It's so much fun to see her interacting with kids more.  She finally feels comfortable enough to get off my lap and actually play.  And she's becoming more independent.  We are no longer allowed to even touch her spoon during meals, which can get pretty messy, especially during yogurt time.  Every time we get out of the car she loves to run up and down the sidewalk and have me chase her.  Our teacher at music school just complemented on how far she has come since the first week when she just clung to my shoulder crying.  Now she is one of the first kids to run to the instruments and start banging away, I mean, make music.

I just can't believe that I have the privilege to be this little girls mama.  I'm pretty sure I am the luckiest woman in the world.


Carol said...

The top pic looks like a Gap ad. Maybe she has a future in modeling . . . Little girls and their attitudes (its a beautiful thing).

Chandra said...

First thing I noticed, we have that same dress hanging up in L's wardrobe! It's too cute.

umm yeah there's a little attitude in the first couple of photos! haha they are adorable though. That's so funny that her friend only calls her by her full name.

Happy 18mth birthday Poppy!

saintlouisfricks said...

OMG - that first picture CRACKS me up! She looks like she's waiting for the bus or something. Too cute. Isn't it amazing, when you look all the way back, how far they come??? :)

lookingforlulu said...

heee. love that first picture.
are you not loving this age??? there is something that happens around 17 months. they just become SUCH little people!

Natalie said...

The pictures are great! You should really send that first pic into a magazine - IT'S GREAT!!! I love this age, they are becoming such little people!!

hwillis13 said...

She is definitely one of the cutest girls I've ever seen. You're right. You are very blessed to be the mama to such a sweet girl. . . even if she does have a little attitude now and then.


Amy said...

Not only do I love her outfit, I love the way she has her feet crossed in the first picture. Glad to hear that things are going well.

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