Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This first pic has nothing to do with Halloween, but I just wanted you all to see what lunchtime is like over at our house lately. Super fun.

And now onto the Halloween festivities. Last night was spent carving our pumpkins. Poppy seemed to have a really good time. Especially since she thought the pumpkins were there to eat...

This afternoon I tried a recipe for Caramel Apple cupcakes to bring to a halloween party. Didn't they turn out cute?

Then we had a baby giraffe escape from the zoo and pillage all of my mommy's books (can you tell by the bottom lip hanging out that she knows she was doing something she wasn't supposed to?).

Luckily for the baby giraffe, she was so cute that mommy just couldn't be mad. So we were off to do some trick-or-treating.

I believe it was at this house that she started telling everyone "All done."

It was so much fun getting Poppy all dressed up and going out trick-or-treating for her first time. She could have cared less about wearing her costume, and every time someone tried to give her a piece of candy, she would get another piece of candy out of her bag and give it back to them. My girl knows how to share.

I hope you had a fun Halloween, too!


Chandra said...

So adorable! I love the 6th pic down, check out that look of concentration on her face! That is so cute how hard she is paying attention to her Daddy.

Jenna said...

Oh, I love the costume! She looks adorable! Happy Halloween!

Natalie said...

STOP IT!!! Those are the cutest pictures yet!!!! I love her serious face when she is carving pumpkins!! HER COSTUME IS GREAT!!!!!

dana said...

What a sweet little giraffe!! Oooh, and spaghetti face - too cute!

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