Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy weekend



Her newest trick is trying to grab the lens every time she sees me taking pictures.  So I have a lot of close-up pictures with this lovely expression on her face. 


Marc's sister, Jeanna, got married this weekend.  We hosted a bridal luncheon before the wedding and then all of the bridesmaids got ready at our house.  Poppy woke up from her nap to a house full of 12 girls running all over with curling irons, hair spray, big dresses and lots of make-up.  Confused would be an understatement.  Here she is taking it all in from outside of her bedroom...




Poppy and daddy walking to the church.  The wedding was beautiful and the reception was fun, although we both really missed Poppy.


Then Sunday night was our annual trip to the Hurd Orchard for a Thanksgiving Tasting. 




Everything was sooo delicious that most of us agreed this was the best year yet.  My favorite part is that they give you a recipe book with recipes of everything you taste.  I can't wait to try a bunch of them out!


Here is our ever-growing clan: Sandy, Jessica, Debbie, Andrea, Scott, Courtney, me, my mom and dad.


Carol said...

The top pic is absolutely screaming adorable. I am looking forward to finally getting to meet Miss Poppy in two weeks. I also love the pink dress she wore to the wedding. This baby is styling and profiling.

Chandra said...

OMG that first pic is hilarious! It totally looks like she is saying "howdy neighbor".

Jenna said...

Wow...that looks amazing! What a cool idea (the recipes).

Oh, and Ella lunges at the the camera/video camera every chance she gets too so I'm having "issues" with pictures lately...hopefully it's just a phase :)

saintlouisfricks said...

How did the first night away from Poppy go???

Tammy said...

Poppy looks great!!

I sighed when I saw the Hurd Orchard Pics....we didn't get out there this year and it just doesn't feel right! I"m glad you made it, looks like it was once again beautiful.

Natalie said...

I love the first picture!! So perfect for a fall photo! Marc looks so handsome with his beautiful daughter. You Marranos are one good looking family!!!!!

dana said...

These photos are so beautiful and Poppy is as cute as wever!! I want to go to the annual orchard tasting - sounds like fun!!

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