Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day at Poppy's school

So my Korean lesson at Poppy's school went really well!  Poppy was sooooo excited to have me and Marc at school with her.  
I brought a little map with me and told the kids that Poppy was born in Korea (and Poppy was proud to point out where Korea was and tell the kids what they typically eat there) and then we talked about celebrating New Years Day and the different traditions they follow in Korea.  Then Poppy and I read Bee-Bim Bop! to them and they all seemed to really like the story. I was really surprised at how well behaved this little class of 3 year olds was.  

 Poppy was in her glory when she got to hand out coloring sheets (from Christine's shop!) to her friends.  This girl wants to be a teacher when she grows up BAD.

Then it was time for Poppy to change into her hanbok.  She was super shy when she had her dress on in front of the other students, but all the little girls in her class absolutely loved it.  And a few of the boys asked her if she dances in her dress (which she told them, no I do not dance in this dress).
 While the boys and girls worked on their coloring sheets, Poppy and I made hoddeok (Korean pancakes).  They were a big hit with everyone.
I wish I could share more pictures, but I don't want to post the other kids without their parents permission.  All in all, it was a great experience and Poppy was so proud to be able to share her Korean culture with her friends.


Elizabeth Frick said...

Who DOESN'T love hoddeok?!
But seriously, what a *wonderful* experience for you, Poppy, and all the kids! So cool.
Good job, mama!

kristin said...

what a great day! poppy would clearly make a perfect teacher. so cool that you got to help poppy share her culture... love it!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

How awesome!!! I love it! You pulled together a fantastic program for Poppy's class. I'm sure it's something she'll remember fondly. YAY!

I also think your idea of the electric griddle is brilliant... Brilliant!

(PS - thanks for the props!)

Michelle said...

How fun! And this will be a day you can all remember. Love that you made some yummy treats and got to experience this along with Poppy.

Natalie said...

How cute! Did reading to the kids make you miss work?!?!

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