Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Suzie homemaker


She could spend hours a day playing with this little kitchen.  It was given to her by one of my 1st grade students, which I think is really sweet.


Hmmmm, should I try eating this?


This afternoon wasn't just all about playing in the kitchen though.  Her buddy Claire stopped by for a visit too!  It may not look it from their expressions, but everyone was having fun in this wagon ride, trust me!


After the wagon, Poppy was so proud to show Claire how she can go pee-pee on the potty, and then Claire taught Poppy how to jump on her bed.  Good times!


Natalie said...

SORRY ABOUT THE JUMPING ON THE BED!! Good times tonight, can't wait to get together again. Claire was talking to Poppy in her crib after I put her to bed!

Christine said...

Love that smile of Poppy's! That's a great picture in the wagon... I love how Lola is the only one looking at the camera!

Michelle said...

I can not look at Lola the same way anymore! Btw, if that pretend food was in front of Colin, he would have swallowed it whole. This kid can eat!

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