Tuesday, July 7, 2009

26 months

So what is my little toddler up to these days? Other than bringing a constant smile to my face?

She's very reasonable at this age. She very rarely has a temper tantrum. When she is beginning to get upset about something, I can almost always talk her out of whatever it is that is upsetting her. She was digging through my purse today and pulled out a pack of gum and brought it into the kitchen for me to see (instead of just eating the entire pack while I wasn't looking). I told her that she couldn't have a piece and she started getting upset. So I told her that if she puts it away, she might be able to have a little piece after her nap. She stood there with the gum in hand, thought about it for a minute, said "O-tay" and put the gum back. I think that's pretty reasonable for a 2 year old!

She gets herself out of bed in the mornings now.  It's quite possibly the cutest thing ever - we leave our bedroom door ajar and every morning at about 7:00, our door bangs open and we hear her sweet little voice say "Hiiiiiiii mama!  Hiiiiiiiii dada!" and then she proceeds to try to worm her way into our bed (along with all of her stuffed animals and blankie).   Love it.

She is very imaginative.  She loves to pretend to make us dinner and set the table and then pretend to feed us, or Lola.  Her newest thing is pretending that a jar has m&m's in it and then very excitedly eating the pretend m&m's.

She still loves to snuggle.  Oh, how I love to snuggle with her.  One of my favorite parts of our day is when she wakes up from her nap and I sit in her bed and hold her like a little baby and we can just stare at each other for hours.  She loves it when I hold her like a baby.  And I hope she let's me do it forever.

Potty training is still going great.  Her fear/anxiety of poop is gone, which is awesome.  Every couple of days, we still might have a little pee-pee accident, but as soon as she realizes that Elmo is wet, she gets very upset and runs to the bathroom to finish going.  And I thought that being out of the house and having to run errands would be the hardest part about potty training, but that is actually when she does best.  We have never had an accident while out and about, and this morning we ran errands for hours.  The most exciting thing for me was packing up all of her cloth diapers yesterday and putting them away in storage.  Yes!  I loved saving the earth and everything, but I'm not gonna lie about how excited I was to be done with cloth diapers!


(please try to ignore the fact that Marc is wearing socks with flip-flops - not sure what was going on there)


Oh - the concentration!

So somehow, my little baby has turned into this little person that is full of emotions and opinions and love and attitude and everything else.  And I'm loving every minute of it!


Christine said...

Sounds just perfect!! These little tidbits made me smile... especially the one about the gum. That is something I can see not going quite the same way around here...

And the wake-ups sound absolutely wonderful!

Michelle said...

Seriously, an amazing post. Thanks for sharing and giving a glimpse of what is to come (I hope) in the toddler years. Enjoy!

Chandra said...

Very reasonable for a 2 year old! It's incredible just how much they comprehend. I think adults often underestimate just how much very young children understand.

Love your description of the mornings. So so sweet!

And I'm sorry, I can't ignore the fact that Marc is wearing socks with flip flops! hahaha. I think you should confiscate his socks for a week as punishment.

Kelly said...

She is concentrating so hard on riding that trike!

Thanks for sharing Poppy's toddler ways. I cannot think of a nicer, sweeter way to wake up and start your day. May she always stay this way!!

saintlouisfricks said...

I'm with Chandra - I cannot ignore nor forgive the sock-flipflop combo. Shame on Marc ;)
So, so happy for you guys that things are going so well. Poppy sounds like such a pleasant little girl.

Natalie said...

Poppy is sooo sweet! That is so great that you can reason with her when she is upset. She is such a caring and kind little girl!!

dana said...

What a star she is!!

And the sock/flip-flop combo is a fashion violation!! Oh, the horror ;)

lookingforlulu said...

i love this update. seriously, the fact that you can talk your two year old through things...SOOO jealous! and i am in love with the fact that she lets herself out of her bedroom every morning. snuggles every morning sounds amazing!

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