Saturday, December 27, 2008

Best Eva!

What a whirlwind the past couple of days have been! Needless to say, this has been the most amazing Christmas ever. Marc and I had to say to each other a couple of times, "Can you believe Poppy is home with us this Christmas?" It's hard to believe where we were with this adoption at this time last year. And how difficult the holidays were. It's even harder to believe how much love this little girl has brought into our home over the past couple of months.

Here are a few highlights, first of Christmas Eve...


Unwrapping gifts, slowly getting the hang of this...


I swear, this was not posed at all! She was given this book earlier in the night, and we read a few pages at bedtime. When I told her we were all done and tried to put the book away she started screaming and crying. So I let her hold it, figuring she wouldn't really want to sleep with it and would eventually want to put it away. But I was wrong, it was lights out and she was still gripping this book. And when I went in to check on her a few minutes later, she was sleeping, still holding onto "Twas the Night Before Christmas", on her first night before Christmas at home.


Ah, Christmas morning, finally!


She was unwrapping like a pro within minutes!


And she had to take her time playing with each new toy before moving onto the next gift.

Grandma came over later in the morning and brought one of Poppy's favorite gifts... check out this reaction!


Is that hysterical or what? When she realized that it was her "laptop", she stopped unwrapping and just started laughing and pointing. (and she has yet to stop playing with this one either)

And then after nap-time, we had my family over and Poppy had so much fun playing with her cousins and showing off her new toys.



It's bilibo - mania!

As lovely and special this holiday was, I am so looking forward to getting back to normal around here. Today was spent cleaning and organizing and catching up on sleep. And getting ready for the parties that are still to come this weekend...


Amy said...

What awesome pictures. I love the one with her and the's priceless. I am intrigued though, what are the bilibo things? Should I be getting them for the kids?

Chandra said...

Awww, that photo of her sleeping with the book is priceless! Her pj's are adorable. I love how much excitement she had for her laptop, too cute. Looks like you guys had an amazing Christmas (as expected!).

Jenna said...

Oh the sleeping picture...too cute. And the laptop...I wonder if she'll be a blogger too!?!?

Glad you had an amazing Christmas! Such a good year!

dana said...

Looks like a fun Christmas you all had!! Love Poppy's jammies. She is such a cutie pie.

Natalie said...

SERIOUSLY!!!! That picture with her and her book is amazing!!!! It looks like you all had a special and wonderful Christmas.

leslielightfoot said...

looks like you had a beautiful christmas :)
poppy is as beautiful as ever.

leslie :)

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