Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More quilt squares

I am loving all of the quilt squares I am getting! This quilt is going to be so much cooler than I expected. I'm getting backed up with trying to scan them in, so don't worry if you've mailed yours to me and I haven't posted it yet, I'll try to do one every couple of days. The wishes from the kids are cracking me up. These 2 are from Marc's cousin and her son. Her son was on a mission to find the softest fabric in the store because it was very important that Poppy's quilt is soft!

In other news, we received an interesting update from our agency yesterday. The most exciting part of it is that they expect to see a few referrals in December, which means we are moving on up in line! Yippee!!

1 comment:

Mob said...

How exciting, I'm sure you'll have your little one in no time at all!

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