Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Marc asked Poppy if she wanted to take him fishing for father's day this year.  She happily obliged and off they went for the morning.  Poppy caught a few sunny's, and Marc was happy that he actually managed to catch one himself.  Towards the end, Poppy said that she wanted to sit back and read a book while she waited for another fish to bite.  Within a few minutes, Marc said her bobber flew to the bottom of the pond and she started reeling it in, complaining that it was too heavy for her to do by herself.  Um, that would be because she caught a 12" smallmouth bass!

Marc said she was beside herself with excitement because this was the first fish she could bring home and eat!  Mind you, this is the same girl that is petrified of ants.  I cannot believe that she is even willing to hold this fish up!  She is so into fishing, it is adorable!  And the only person more excited about her big catch was her proud daddy.  This totally made Marc's father's day.
Happy father's day to the best dad these two could ever ask for!


Elizabeth Frick said...

Too, too cute. I mean... I'm not so into the eating of an animal, but the daddy-daughter bonding I'm TOTALLY in favor of!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Holy Cow Poppy!!! That's an impressive catch! Whoa.
(And I love how proud you look)

Happy Father's Day to Marc!

Krista said...

Happy belated Fathers Day Marc! Looks like it was a memorable day!

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