Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sorry to keep you all hanging.  We're home and everyone survived!  We actually had a great time.  After we dropped her off at my parents, where she was too busy raiding Uma's purse to even bother saying goodbye to us, we hit up our first winery by 11am.  And the wine that was consumed all day long definitely helped us to relax and enjoy our time away.  We stayed at a great b&b and managed to do some shopping in between wineries.  Of course we were both wide awake by 7am, wondering how she slept, what she was doing, etc.  After a quick phone call to check in on her, we managed to have another great day of wine tasting and shopping.

This is what little miss was up to when we went to pick her up.  Notice the band-aids on each knee due to a couple of falls earlier in the week (she barely even has a little brush burn).  Ugh, those band-aids.  All she talks about all day is her boo-boo's as she checks to make sure her band-aids are still in place.



Oh, she had to take a break for a phone call on one of her imaginary phones.


Love this girl.


Natalie said...

SHE LOOKS SO OLD!! When did that happen? I am so glad you guys had fun, you totally deserved it!

Chandra said...

*LOL* Love the phone call interruption. Too funny.

I'm glad that you survived your first time away from Poppy. I'm sure she missed you but clearly she was enjoying the attentions of Uma!

Christine said...

So happy to hear that you survived!! And that you had a great time!

(This gives me hope that I will survive relinquishing care for a few hours for a nap.)

Love the boo-boos band-aids!! Too funny. :-)

Courtney said...

Poppy made sure everyone saw her Dora Band-Aids all day long. At the parade I was sure she was going to get a Band-Aid tan on her knees. I have some really cute pictures, I will email you later today.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear everyone survived and wine does seem to help in times of need - I am relying heavily on it lately.

She looks so tall and lean in the photos.

Love the `excuse me while I take this call` photo.

stollmyheart said...

glad you had a great time and all survived! sounds like it was wonderful!

saintlouisfricks said...

You made it to the other side :)
So have you sworn off trips away for good? ;)
Glad things went well and everyone survived!

dana said...

Oh that girl is funny!! Love the band-aids, phone call, and geez - has she had a growth spurt lately? She looks all grown up!

emily said...

that is great you had your first getaway. yes, drinking help take away those worries while away from the baby. i know:)
the bandaids and fake phone are CUTE!

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