Sunday, May 10, 2009

A little bit of celebrating...

Our week began with my birthday dinner at Shogun, our favorite Hibachi restaurant.  This was Poppy's first time and we weren't sure how she would like the food, or if she would freak out because of the flames at the table.  Luckily, she loved it and had an absolute blast.



Well, she loved almost all of it.  She didn't like wearing the wig, but she did keep it on while they sang Happy Birthday to us.  How stinkin' cute does she look?  And now the cat is out of the bag, I'm 30.  But they say 30 is the new 20, right?

Now onto Poppy's birthday festivities...




Party #1 was on Thursday, her actual birthday.  She did great at blowing out her candles and then she proceeded to pick each strawberry off the cake and take a little nibble out of each one before putting them back on the cake. 

Thursday was also our 5th wedding anniversary...


And for our anniversary, Marc planned a little wine weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast in Niagara-on-the-lake (for later in May).  My first question was, can we bring Poppy?  His answer was of course, no.  I immediately welled up with tears.  I know she'll be fine- she'll be spoiled at my parents house, but I'm not sure I am ready to be away from her!  But that's a post for another day...


Saturday was Poppy's birthday party #2...

She was sooo not happy to wake up from her nap and have to get changed into her Hanbok, and then come downstairs to a house filled with people.  Luckily, after an outfit change, she warmed up and was able to enjoy her party.



This was her little cake Aunt Andrea made for her.  As soon as she blew out the candles, all of the kids started yelling, "Poppy smoosh the cake!  Eat it Poppy!  Smoosh it!!!"  And she just very carefully would take a little lick of frosting and then turn the cake plate, and take another lick of frosting.  She's such a delicate little flower.


And of course, you need ice-cream when you have birthday cake!


One of her favorite gifts - the red wagon.  Our house is now filled with new toys, new outfits, and lots of cake.  After a nice brunch with family this morning, today we are trying to get back to normal around here.  Hope everyone has a great mama's day!  Next up - Poppy's 2 year update!


saintlouisfricks said...

Happy birthday to both of you! Don't tell Marc, but I was wondering if Poppy could go with you too ;)

dana said...

happy, happy birthday!!! wow - what a week chock full of celebrations. happy anniversary! your trip sounds wonderful and though i am sure you will miss her - you will also love to have a few days away. i can't believe poppy is 2!! she is the prettiest little two yr old - and what a little lady she is! that hat couldn't be any cuter!!

p.s. i LOVE the wigs. so funny!!!!!

sarah said...

What a wonderful week of celebrations! Poppy's party was just perfect. She is so sweet.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to all and Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a great getaway Marc has planned. I think you should sneak Poppy in your suitcase anyway.

Love the photos especially the wig. We took Colin out to his first real restaurants this week. He did amazingly well. Thank God!

stollmyheart said...

1. Happy Mother's Day

2. Happy 30th!!! (mine is just around the corner...yikes). Oh and the wigs...priceless

3. Happy Birthday Poppy! That little birthday crown is just too much...I love it!

4. Happy Anniversary!

WOW....lots going on in your world...and all wonderful stuff! Hope you had a great week of celebrations!

TX Cajun said...

Happy Belated birthday and anniversary to all of y'all. What an insane week. :)


Christine said...

Wow! Lots going on... and it all looks like so much fun! Happy Happy Happy to all of it... birthdays, anniversaries... YAY!

(Welcome to the 30's - it's not too horrendous! Promise.) ;-)

PS - I agree - Pack Poppy!

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