Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Life with little miss 2-year-old Poppy has been interesting, to say the least.  She keeps us on our toes.  First thing in the morning when I go into her room to get her, is one of my favorite parts of our day.  She is always so, so, sweet, full of smiles and hugs and kisses and books.  But from the minute you leave her room, you never know what to expect.  You have to be ready for a meltdown or a stand-off over the littlest thing.  Her newest issue is that she does not want to wear clothes.  At all.  And has come pretty close to ripping a few of her shirts to get them off.  If I let her wear a diaper and her crocs all day, she would be in heaven.

To say she's a daddy's girl, would be putting it mildly.  She is going through a major separation anxiety phase with Marc.  She wants to be carried by him all day long, and if he is out of eye-sight, she freaks out.  It was kind of cute the first couple of days, but now we're looking forward to this little phase to be over.



She's still all about Elmo.  She's really not interested in watching anything else on tv.  And she loves her Elmo books.  Last week I found a really old (copyright 1983) Sesame Street book in my library that I was going to throw out.  Instead of throwing it out, I brought him home for Poppy.  She saw Big Bird on the cover and immediately got excited.  She began flipping through the pages looking for Elmo, and saying "where's Elmo?"  and eventually she started calling out "Elllllmoooooo" (like she was calling out for a dog).  Um, yeah, Marc informed both of us that apparently Elmo wasn't in the original Sesame Street cast, and was not born in time for  this book.  At least once a day, she'll pick that book up and flip through the pages and call out for Elmo.  Poor thing.

We had a speech evaluation done on her last week and she was evaluated as being mildly to moderately behind for her age, but not behind enough to receive services.  The speech therapist said that even though we can't understand the majority of what she is saying to us, she doesn't seem to get frustrated by it, and she is "talking", so we really shouldn't be concerned.  She felt confident that Poppy would catch up within the next couple of months and gave us a few exercises we can do with her in the mean-time.  We both felt good about the evaluation and we're already noticing an improvement in just the past week alone.

Sleep.  I can't believe how drastically I've gone from dreading bedtime because of all the tantrums and crying and refusing to sleep, to now absolutely loving it.  We love reading our books and singing lullabies together in our rocking chair.  Then I scoop her up like a little baby and carry her over to bed.  Up until a few weeks ago, she would start crying at this point, but now she just gives me a little kiss, lays down and asks me to tuck her in with her blankie.  Love this girl.  And now that she is sleeping through the night, she sleeps more and more each day!  Lately we've had naps that  have been up to 4 hours long! 




Sweet, wild, loving, unpredictable.  That's our girl.  Couldn't love her more if I tried.


lookingforlulu said...

so glad yall are on a good sleeping routine now. sleep cures all!
two is interesting to say the least:) exhausting. fun. exhausting. fun.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful update! I looooove the Elmo story. Poor girl.

Michelle said...

Great update on Miss Poppy! Supercute outfit (at least she kept it on long enough for a photo). I am so glad the sleep routine is now down to a science. When everyone gets sleep, life is grand. 4 hour naps, holy cow! I guess Colin will be quite a handful when he rounds 2 years old. I better prepare myself now.

jenna said...

I love the puppy kisses. She and Ella would be pals...I just know it. They are like twins in so many ways - including the fits that come out of no where AND not wanting clothes on.

Also, I'm a speech therapist so if you ever have questions...feel free to shoot me an email! Sounds like she's doing really well. Judging by what she does say and how she's combining two words...she's definitely on the right track!

Kelly said...

Sounds like you are all doing very well! I love the photos.

dana said...

what a little love!! the pics are beautiful. so happy to hear that she is sleeping so great!!

Natalie said...

I can't believe she is so big! I love the picture of her and Lola kissing!! And I bet you can guess what other picture is my favorite!!!

Chandra said...

Beautiful photos. I'm so happy you guys have the sleep routine worked out, sounds like it is working incredibly well. I can't believe she is two already, the time sure flies.

Christine said...

What a wonderful update! I'm so incredibly jealous of all this sleep you guys have going on over there! Four hours is more than I get in one night! (I know - you warned me.)

And how sweet are those puppy dog kisses?!

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