Friday, January 16, 2009

Museum of Play

I completely forgot about these pics from our trip to the Museum of Play a couple of weeks ago...

img_4323Would you like some tea with your fake meat and fruit?


Her favorite part of the day was definitely the kid-sized Wegman's grocery store...







We literally had to drag her out of there.


Then it was onto her guest appearace on the Elmo Show...



And after about 3 hours of chasing her from exhibit to exhibit, we were all exhausted and ready to head home. 




saintlouisfricks said...

OMG... *I* love the kid-sized grocery! Do you guys have Trader Joe's in your part of the country? They have pint-sized shopping carts in the store and I always see little kids tooling around, glee on their faces, filling their carts with all kinds of crap.

Chandra said...

Oh my gosh she is too adorable! Love the photos of her shopping.

dana said...

goodness she is cute and what a fun day!! i love how she has her foot on the table!!! ruby does the same thing. what is up w/these girls??

Courtney said...

Cute pics. I love the Museum of Play. We will call you next time we go, so we can play with Poppy too. I just went back to some of your earliest posts. And Poppy has changed so much. I can't tell that much when I see her, but she is slowly changing from an adorable baby, to a beautiful big girl!

tammy said...

Is that the
Strong Museum in Rochester? Looks like she had a ball.

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