Monday, January 19, 2009

homemade fingerpaints


Unacceptable for the fingerpaint to actually go on her fingers.


So much more fun to pile it up on the brush.


Good times.


So I'm not one to usually complain about the weather and how long winter can seem to drag on, but man, I am sooo sick of this weather!!!  We haven't been able to take our daily walk in over a week now and we're both getting a little cabin fever here.  And getting both of us all bundled up to head outside is such a chore and usually ends up with a boot getting stuck in a shopping cart or a mitten left behind in a parking lot.  And we still have a couple of months to go!


Courtney said...

Give me a call! Carter-Man and I will come over and break up the day. And I agree about the weather, enough is enough. Just think of the warm happy days we will have at Crystal Beach this summer.

jenna said...

Sweet pics. I totally hear ya on the weather! UGH!

Natalie said...

The weather is getting ridiculous! I hear ya about the mittens, we are on our 4th pair this winter.

Marylou Slade said...

Mittens are my ongoing challenge every winter! Looking forward to seeing you back at work:-)

Chandra said...

Poppy looks like she's having so much fun! Yeah it sucks being stuck inside every day.

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