Sunday, September 9, 2007

VN pics

One of the provinces our agency is licensed in is Nam Dinh and you can see a few photos from a fellow bloggers recent trip by clicking here. I especially love the picture of the babies in the hammock. Maybe we'll have to get a hammock for Poppy.

And here are some photos of Hanoi.



Anonymous said...

Squizzel is definitely on the menu.

Vietmommy said...

Glad you shared some comments so I could find your blog as well!

I also love the pic of the baby on the hammock. Thanks for sharing that site and photos! And also thanks for the cheer on my another librarian! Who knew!

ps...Amelia is adorable, yesterday I had 'Amelia Bedelia' visit the library, I am assuming she was not named after her though :)

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