Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Harvest

We spent this weekend getting ready for the fall! I was just about to say that fall is my favorite season, but that is a lie. I love all my seasons equally, I just get really excited at the beginning of each season. So we went and got pumpkins and gourds (Marc likes to think he is a master pumpin-carver and I can't wait to post a picture of whatever he creates this year) and we also planted tulip bulbs in the garden. Here is a picture of our front porch looking all festive~
And here is a picture of Lola, the future agility champion of the world, getting ready to attack some squirrels~ So vicious!

Lola started agility classes again this past week (we took the summer off from training, which she was not happy about). I really hope we can find the time to keep her in classes once Poppy gets here.

In other news - we went to Babies R Us and finsihed registering this weekend. That was torture. Almost as torturous as trying to nail down a wall color for the nursery. But I think I've succeeded at both jobs.


Vietmommy said...

I share your enthusiasm for the beginning of seasons. I actually had thought that same thing this weekend, 'Am I really starting to like Fall more than Spring and Summer?' Nope I love them all! I get just as excited for the first snow fall...but then I can't wait for Winter to be over...I can't stand the cold!
I can't wait to see the paint color! I feel like registering is still a excited for you that you have made it a reality :)

Marglow said...

Lola looks very pleased with herself. Nice pics of Lola and th porch. I am so happy that you and Marc are closer to realization. MM

Courtney said...

Hey Good Job on your registry it looks like you registered for everything you need. Did you register for that John Deere Massaging Teether for Jeffs benefit? We gave one to Amelia, but I think that the boys have enjoyed it more.LOL.

Notary Classes said...

great work man i would like to congratulate you on this effort

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