Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pleasantly suprised

is what I was when I pulled into the driveway Friday afternoon to see our dossier on our front porch!! It took only a little more than a week at the consulate before it made its way home. Not bad.

We had a jam-packed weekend, so we weren't able to get everything ready to send to our agency until this afternoon. Marc was in a wedding yesterday, which was a great time. And then first thing this morning, we were off to kinko's to make copies of everything, put together our picture pages and made a few final touches and then we sent it off to our agency. They should receive it Tuesday morning and then within a few days they will send it off to Vietnam! An occasion such as this calls for celebration, so we headed up to Happy Jacks in Canada for dinner with my parents tonight. Yum.

It's such a relief to have everything completely out of my hands. Now I can start worrying about the fun stuff, like working on the nursery (which needs a lot of work) and registering. More to come on the nursery soon. I'll leave you with a picture of our dossier (which Marc informed me I was crazy for taking, but I felt like it need to be documented!).


kristin said...

congratulations! what a relief!!

Pamela said...

Congrats! You were right, Our papers should get to Vietnam at about the same time! Lets hope for speedy referrals :)

I also really wanted to take a picture, but didn't. I may take one of all the copies I made since I felt like I was using a whole package of paper!

So excited for you :)

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