Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sailing camp

Last week, Poppy had her much-anticipated sailing camp in Canada.  It was just a day camp and Sam and I usually hung out at the beach while she was sailing away...

The first day, they began with learning about the different parts of a boat and how to set a boat up.  Then they put 3 kids into a boat and the instructor brought each boat out to the shallow end, with the boat attached to a rope.   She would then direct the kids how to steer and make figure 8's and other simple things.  It was really cute to watch Poppy in the boat and she absolutely loved it.  On the 2nd day, I was expecting a similar set-up, but instead I looked out and saw Poppy in her little boat (with 2 other classmates) sailing away into Lake Erie!  I was a little nervous at first but then I saw the instructors in a little motor boat nearby and realized that they wouldn't really be going out too far.  Poppy LOVED it!
{Poppy is on the little boat with the green stripe and those are her instructors in the little motor boat to the left.}

{Once they teach the kids how to do each task, they really make the kids try to do everything on their own.  It was pretty neat to see how independent the kids were.} 

{On this particular day it was pretty chilly and Poppy didn't even hesitate to get into the water, which really surprised me!}

{Sam cannot wait until he turns 6 so that he can do sailing camp too!}

In addition to being out on the water, they also played a ton of games, sang songs, spent time goofing around on the playground and they even ended the week with a pizza party.  Poppy really enjoyed every minute of camp.  She made some adorable friends, loved her coaches and she can't wait to go back again next year.
{This was my view from the beach and I loved every second of it!}


In other news, Poppy has been asking to have a lemonade stand for years and this past weekend we made that dream of hers a reality.  Marc made this adorable lemonade stand and Poppy diligently worked on her money skills all week.  Ty had just as much fun as Poppy did and Sam just couldn't get enough of pouring the lemonade into cups.  The three amigos made quite a cute little team and even decided to donate a portion of their profits to the Buffalo Zoo.  They also decided that there would be many more lemonade stand days in their future...

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