Monday, May 13, 2013

It's party time!!!

Aaaaaah.  That's my sigh of relief that our annual million-parties-in-one-week week is over!  As much as I always look forward to this time of year, it's also just sooo chaotic that I can't help but be relived it is over.  

We started the festivities off with a birthday party for Poppy and her cousins.  Actually, I tried to cancel this one at the last minute because we were planning on having it in the middle of the work week, at our house and the thought of coming home from work, in between ballet and soccer practices, to host a bunch 2-10 year olds in our house was causing me to lose sleep.  But I also happen to have the best sister-in-law in the world and she twisted my arm until I agreed to let her have the party at her house.  My brother even agreed to heat up their pool so that everyone could go swimming - which never happens in May!!!
{Best cousins.  Well actually, there is a debate over this because yesterday Sam declared that Amelia was his favorite cousin and well, Poppy wasn't too thrilled with that.} 

 {Speaking of Sam, this is his favorite swing in the world...}

{I love everything about this picture!  Uma and Poppy made this awesome ice cream sandwich and candy layer cake.  Needless to say, it was a big hit with everyone.}

{On Sunday we went to Shogun to squeeze in a little birthday celebration for me (which I gladly shared with Poppy.} 

{Monday was back to celebrating Poppy's birthday with all of Marc's family.  More ice cream cake!} 

And then this past Saturday we had her big "friends" birthday party.  I told her she could invite 5 friends from her classroom and then 5 more friends or cousins.  What she didn't know was that Marc and I also invited Cinderella...
{to say that Poppy was surprised would be an understatement.}

Cinderella was so sweet and gentle and all of the girls (and Sammy) were beyond impressed by her.  She started by having all the girls say a "princess pledge" where they promised to always listen to their parents and to share with their siblings and friends and to always be the best they can be.  It was sooo sweet!

After a few princess dance lessons and reading them a few princess books, Cinderella even stayed to help sing Happy Birthday to Poppy.

And Sam couldn't resist snuggling up to Cinderella for a few pics.  Ever since she visited, Sam just walks around the house saying "There was a princess at my house.  A real princess! She was really here!"
After every single birthday party we've ever had for Poppy, as soon as the guests leave she always says, "That was the BEST birthday ever!!!  Next year I want to have the same exact party!"  Which is in my opinion, a pretty good sign that the birthday girl is happy!

The funniest part of all this birthday madness is that every year we say, we've got to scale it down next year - we don't need so many parties!  And then the next year rolls around and before we know it, we've planned a million parties.  But if you could see how much Poppy loves to spend time with her friends and family, you would realize how every minute of it is so worth it.  I would give this girl all the stars in the sky if I could, I love her so.


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Poppy and Amanda! I cannot even believe how old Poppy looks!! She is growing up to be a gorgeous young lady!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please provide your recipe for the dumplings

Anonymous said...

I’m not sure. I’ll ask

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