Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthday Party

Finally, the last installment of Poppy's birthday celebrations!  Usually, we throw a big party with all of her cousins and friends and family, but this year we decided to scale it back and just do a smaller party at home with the just the regular pizza Thursday crew and her Godparents.  

Poppy decided on a "movie theater" theme...
{popcorn cupcakes}

{and popcorn for snacking on during the movie}

{Poppy requested bee bim bop for dinner, and we had to introduce it to everyone by reading the book}

{singing Happy Birthday for the 100th time that week}

{the kids were surprised that the cupcakes weren't popcorn flavored!}

Once all of the kids had their dinner and cupcakes, we corralled them into the makeshift movie theater, aka: our living room.  We moved all the furniture around, hung a sheet on a wall and used a projector to show "Tangled".  Marc even printed out tickets that the kids had to turn in in order to get into the movie theater.

{it was actually pretty dark in there and the movie looked really cool and the kids loved it!}

And the best part was that all of the adults got to sit back and relax and talk and eat, sans kiddos!  It was a genius idea, if I do say so myself. 

At the end of the night, we asked Poppy what her favorite part of the party was, and of course she said "Opening the gifts!".  Her favorite gift by far was the fishing pole Marc got for her.  She has been using it to "fish" all over the house, and has been asking if she can go fishing first thing every day.  Marc is super excited to take her once it stops raining!


Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Wow... this looks like SUCH a great party! (And seriously, I never would have guessed it was "scaled back") Fun fun fun. I love the movie theme... and I love that she got a fishing pole.

(I hope you don't have NINE days of rain scheduled like we do?!)

jenna said...

Seriously? Popcorn cupcakes? I am in love. I seriously am in awe of the tricks you pull out! I want to move in.

And I agree with Christine...scaling back? Never would have guessed!

Diane Warren said...

Just stopped by to say hi and say how great your party was. I love the movie idea. If you stop by my facebook page at Diane's Creative Touch you can see some I did for my grandson's some of them I did marshmallows and some chocolate drizzle popcorn. They worked out great. you did a terrific job on yours, thanks for the pictures. Diane

Elizabeth Frick said...

The cupcakes are AWESOME!!! You're the coolest mama.
I absolutely *love* that Poppy wanted Bi Bim Bop for her birthday dinner. That says so much.
And you're totally right that a movie-themed party is so super smart. Kids who are occupied for 1.5 hours? Genius.

Michelle said...

Wow. What a birthday. Can I hire you for Colin's shindig? I love every detail and wish I could have a cool birthday like Poppy.

Krista said...

Did you make those cupcakes? Wowsa! Seriously - forget being a librarian - open up a bakery!
And the question is - is Poppy afraid of worms?

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