Friday, May 6, 2011

3 down, 4 more to go.

My birthday this year turned out to be one of my favorites ever.  It started with Marc and Poppy bringing me breakfast in bed.  Poppy was soooo excited that we got to eat on our bed.  She even requested that we do the same thing for her birthday.  

Then the sun decided to make its first appearance in months!  I was so excited to see my old friend!  As soon as we were all dressed, I loaded up the stroller and we headed to the playground.  Sam slept all morning in the stroller and Poppy had a blast with the playground all to herself.  

Then we headed home where Poppy and I made my absolute favorite cake in the world - strawberry whipped cream cake!  We even used the last of the frozen strawberries that we picked last June.  And yes, some might think it's a little odd that I made my own birthday cake, but I love baking with Poppy.  We really have so much fun in the kitchen together.  I told Marc, I feel like Poppy and Sam both knew to just be extra good kids on my birthday.  There was not a single tear or whining or tantrum or anything.  Everyone was just so good and happy.  It really made my day to be able to spend it with my family.

When I saw a picture of a "ruffle cake" on pinterest (of course!), I knew that I had to try making one myself.  And it was so easy to do!  Didn't it turn out cool?

And everyone surprised me with a Mexican Feast (my favorite) instead of boring old pizza for pizza Thursday.  And the sun was still shining!!!  It was such a perfect day!

I've included a video of everyone singing happy birthday.  I was cracking up when I watched it, it sounds like there were about 100 kids there!

 {Louis loving the fact that he's not the baby of the family anymore - he's a big kid now!}


Then today was Poppy's birthday party at her school.  I didn't think all the little boys in her class would appreciate a princess themed party, so we decided to go with owls instead.  Poppy and I made demo crafts yesterday...

 and then we all got up bright and early this morning to decorate her owl cupcakes...

 and I went in and read an owl book to her class...
We read Wow! Said the Owl, which was a really cute book.

then we all made an owl craft!  The kids really seemed to have fun with our owl theme, and Poppy was in her glory with everyone wishing her a happy birthday.

But the real highlight of her day is going to be when Marc takes her to "Day Out With Thomas" tonight.  She's been talking about that all week long.

Still ahead: Poppy's actual birthday tomorrow, mother's day, and more parties!!!

ruffle cake
owl craft
owl cupcakes 


Elizabeth Frick said...

That cake looks positively dreamy!!! I can only imagine that it tasted just as good too :)
LOVE the owl theme... those cupcakes are just adorable.
Happy happy birthdays, all around!
Breakfast in bed sounds pretty awesome (hint, hint, Adam, Olive and Ingrid!)

Michelle said...

Happy Birthdays for all! Sounds lovely. Mexican is my fav also. Yum. And that cake! I need a taste of that bad boy asap. My aunt has baked a cake or torte every day here in Marco. I will weigh 800lbs by the time May is over.

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Happy Birthday Everyone!!! Sounds like all sorts of fun celebrating at your house! I adore that ruffle cake... and the owls. Hmm... Maybe I need to make owl cupcakes for my birthday later this month?!

Natalie said...

I love the owls!!!! Happy birthday everyone!!!!

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