Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween galore!

The other night we were doing a practice run with the costumes.  Lola is apparently auditioning for the role of "the prince" who wakes up snow white with a kiss.  (Poppy thought that was pretty funny.)

Last week we brought these 2 pumpkins to the pumpkin farm to pick out pumpkins!

Poppy was super excited to ride the pony this year.  After picking our pumpkins from the patch, she went for another horse ride, but this time without me holding onto her back.  It was a pretty big deal in Poppy's world. :)

Then the next day we were off to the halloween event at the zoo.  Sam was sporting his pumpkin outfit again, which is always a big hit.

And Poppy loved the adventure of "following her map" to find all the places to trick-or-treat throughout the zoo...

The next morning Sam was still recovering from all of the pumpkin festivities and could barely make it through breakfast before he fell asleep.  How sweet is that little face?  (and please ignore my super sweet bathrobe and crazy lookin' hair)

We've had halloween parties galore this week.  The first one was at ballet class.  Poppy couldn't stop checking herself out in the mirror.  Like, she barely participated in anything during class because she was staring at her costume the entire time!

How cute are they?!

The next day was the party at storytime at the library and then today was her party at school.  Poppy has consumed more sugar in the past week than she has in her entire lifetime.  And she still has 2 more parties to go!

And we have some very exciting news in the Sammy dept.  I think we reached the fussiness peak and as of this week he has been getting sooooo much better.  It's so exciting to actually be able to talk and play with him, rather than just have to soothe him all the time!  And yesterday we busted out the exersaucer!  This thing is super obnoxious and takes up our entire living room, but Sam loves it, so it's worth having to look at it all the time.  Doesn't he look like a tiny little peanut in it?

Now we just have to get him to sleep through the night!  As soon as I'm back to getting a full night sleep, I promise to go back to regular blog posts!


saintlouisfricks said...

What a great update! I LOVE Lola "kissing" Poppy awake!
And happy news that Sam is reaching a less fussy phase :)

Michelle Oryl said...

Lola makes such a wonderful prince. Poppy looks so beautiful as always and how could she not just want to stare at herself all day long? I cannot believe how big Sam is getting already. Time is flying by way too quickly. Good luck on the sleep also.

mostlymorgan said...

Oh they are so cute!! I especially love tiny Sam in his exersaucer. We have the exact same one. I was planning to bust it out when Leighton is a bit closer to six months but it looks like we could try it sooner!

Happy Halloween to your two adorable pumpkins!

jenna said...

Oh Snow White...what a beauty! Love the pumpkins, as always!

Christine said...

Any post with all *three* of your kiddos in it is bound to be a favorite of mine!

I adore the snow white costume, and am absolutely tickled by the pumpkin... now can you please make them stop growing?! ;-)

Natalie said...

I can't believe how big Sam is getting! We have the same excersaucer and it is amazing!! Claire loved and so does Oliver!!!!

Krista said...

I love the picture of you & Poppy with the horse - you look so happy :)

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