Saturday, October 9, 2010

apple picking

I am sooo behind with blog posts!  We went apple picking a few weeks ago and I am just getting around to finally posting the pics!

We met up with a few families that adopted from Poppy's same agency (one of the families actually owns the beautiful apple orchard and let's us all pick as many apples as we want for free!).  The weather was perfect and Poppy was so excited to be able to pick and eat an unlimited supply of apples!

Notice that she has a half-eaten apple in her hand in almost every single picture.  She was in apple heaven.

Are you wondering where Sam is?  He was peacefully sleeping the entire time we were there!

Isn't this the most amazing property?  I would love to live there!!!

As much as Poppy loved the apple picking and eating, her favorite part of the day was getting to go on this tractor!

We decided to stop and try to pick up a few pumpkins on the way home.  Poppy has been singing this Dora song non-stop lately and after about the 50th time she sang it, I finally decided to try to catch it on video, hence the lack of enthusiasm she had by this point, but still soooo cute!


Elizabeth said...

Poppy!!! You look so big in that first photo!
All the apples you want for free? I'm so jealous.

Sarah said...

Oh. my. goodness. She is so cute I could just eat her up! What an amazing blessing she is.

emily said...

haaa. love that video:)
really, there was very little enthusiasm for the 'where are we going'...hilarious.

Christine said...

Oh Poppy... I heart you. I'm soooo jealous of this adventure!!!

Natalie said...

How sweet! I love how she looks at Marc when it's his turn to jump in!! Adorable.

Krista said...

Mmmm apples! The scenery is so pretty! And what a cool tractor! Alex would be so jealous if I showed him these pics.

Carolyn said...

Love the pictures, #3-I think 5 are frame worthy.
Love Poppy's singing too.
So sweet, what a little gift

dana said...

Fun!!! OMG and the video is adorable!!

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