Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day (just a few days late)

We had lots of Valentiney fun this year...

Earlier in the week I made a little heart shaped cake and let Poppy decorate it. I'm still finding sprinkles all over the house.




And to avoid the Valentine's Day crowd, we went out for our annual v-day sushi on Friday. Mmmmmm.



(According to Poppy, chopsticks are for playing with, not eating with.)


You 're gonna pick up the check for us Poppy? Thanks!


And then it was chocolate-fest bright and early Saturday morning...


Chocolate heart from Upa.


And I turned away for 2 seconds, and Poppy popped an entire truffle in her mouth. Breakfast of champions!


"Don't you want a truffle at 7am mama?"


In other news, as of last week, Poppy has officially caught onto the fact that I am a working mama. And she doesn't like it. She is still having a great time at both daycare and with the grandparents, but when I get home from work, she has been having a difficult time. One day she would not make eye contact with me for hours, which was heart-breaking, and other days she is just very emotional and clingy. It sucks, but it's also expected. So we're both loving on her and holding her a ton lately. And I had a couple days off last week and I have this entire week off, which is awesome.

Yesterday was Carter's first birthday party and Poppy was having a blast playing with her cousins, and then suddenly she stopped playing and just had to be held by either me or Marc. She wouldn't eat a thing and was whiny and clingy. By the time we got home she had a fever (her first fever and it even though her temp was only 102, it was so alarming to feel how hot she was!) and was restless the first couple of hours after she went to bed. At about midnight I went in her room to lay down with her and then it happened - the first time she puked!  Dear God that was gross.  Luckily there wasn't too much and we were able to just change her sheets and she fell right back to sleep, but I could barely sleep because I was so sure she was going to puke again.  Thankfully, she slept straight through until 7, but woke up with a fever of 102 again.  After some tylenol and a bath, she was back to her regular old self and has been going strong all day.  So I guess it was just a 24 hour bug?  Wish us luck that she has a good night tonight...


sarah said...

Oh my goodness, the first puking incident! You survived! Hopefully Poppy will adjust soon to the "working Momma" thing. These vacations are the best though, they make it bearable!

Jenna said...

Poor baby...glad it was a short-lived bug! I guess it was poop for me and puke for you...what a week! :)

Glad you get the week off with the sweetpea!

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