Wednesday, February 11, 2009

21 months.


Sweet, sassy, stubborn, adorable. There are so many words I can use to describe this little girl.

She is so sweet. She loves giving mama and dada hugs and kisses all day and night. She loves to share food with us, loves to have pretend tea parties and pour us tea (sound effects included). And luckily, for the most part, she is over the "let's squeeze Lola until she yelps" phase, and is now extra gentle and sweet with her best friend.

She is sassy because she loves to tell her mama and dada - "nooooooo, no-no, no-no, no-no, nooooooooo" all day long. She also likes to watch us out of the corner of her eyes as she goes to play with something that she knows is off-limits. Speaking of, she is all about testing the limits lately.

And she is stubborn. If she doesn't want to do something, she will not do it. Every couple of days she decides that she doesn't want to have her teeth brushed. So she will sit on her little potty and tuck her head down and freeze like that for hours if she had to. The head-tuck is her newest move and she thinks it will get her out of anything (and it usually does). When she decides that she doesn't want to wear a jacket, she wraps her arms around herself and will not budge them. And she can hold out for so much longer than I have patience for.

Adorable. Freaking adorable. She is so adorable that I can barely even stand it. Will I ever get used to how adorable she is?



Elizabeth said...

Love that sassy final pic!

Chandra said...

Oh my the most adorable little bear ever! I wonder too whether I'll ever get use how adorable I find Lana and will I then stop wanting to kiss her all day long? I figure at some point she'll no longer allow me anywhere near her due to the constant kissing.

I can't believe your baby is 21 months now! She sounds like an absolute delight to hang out with.

lookingforlulu said...

that picture is so adorable. sorta like miss poppy.
how is your baby 21 months? time is a flyin.

Natalie said...

Freakin adorable is right. And no you will never get used to how adorable she is because she will keep growing and get more and more adorable everyday!!!

Natalie said...

Oh...and I am with Chandra! I am wondering when it will no longer be acceptable to maul Claire constantly!!!! At 19 months she is starting to yell "STOP" when I grab her and kiss her like crazy!!!!

jenna said...

21 months!! Wow. And yes, freaking adorable is RIGHT ON! They know how to make you forget all about the sassy biz as soon as they smile and give a little love! haha.

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