Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good times...

My weekend was even better than I expected! The shower was beautiful and Poppy got so many great things. The baptism was great and Carter looked adorable. And then Wicked was even better than when we saw it in TO! Here are a few pics from the weekend, but blogger is acting up and won't let me put them in order.

Marc and Tucker playing on the swings after the baptism.
Me and the girls from work, we went out for dinner before going to see Wicked.
Got diapers? Marc and I bought some disposable diapers at Target the other night (which just felt weird) and my mom and Andrea bought us tons of cloth diapers! Yeah! Good for the environment and cute too!

The cake was beautiful with Poppies all over it!

Opening gifts!
Sarah and Christa
Andrea and Courtney

Flowers and paper lanterns!

And the favors were bottles of "Tall Poppy" wine!


Jenna said...

nice shower. I bet you are really getting excited now.

Jen said...

looks awesome! I cannot wait until she's home with you :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great weekend.
By the looks of the pictures, I need a tan! Beach day on Monday?

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing wicked with you!!!!and the gorgeous dinner at Duo as well ...Shower looked lovely...who's house? I love the kitchen and am thinking about the same type of look.
Tammy aka Tamdog

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