Sunday, December 9, 2007

Keep 'em coming!

I've been getting tons of fabric squares for the 100 Good Wishes Quilt lately! These are from my MIL's friend, Annmarie, who is also a school librarian. Her gift at my baby shower was, of course, tons of books! Really good picture books, board books and even a homemade CD of lullabies. Super special.


Sheila said...

Dear Amanda and Mark,
I just finished reading your blogs and I now feel as if I am anxiously awaiting to adopt! I learned so much about your journey and just cannot express how happy I am for you all! What an extremely lucky little girl Poppy will be to have been blessed with your love, patience and character. Now I need a kleenex!Love, Sheila Duggan

Jen said...

This is such an awesome square!

Thanks for your suggestion on the high chair-- I will definitely check those out.

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