Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good stuff

I'm still recovering from our fun-filled weekend. Friday night was our annual Christmas dinner with our closest friends. One couple had an exciting announcement to make - they're adopting from South Korea!! Congratulations Andy and Christa - we are so excited for you!!!

Saturday was a cookie baking extravaganza and then Sunday was Tucker time.

And we're all so excited that Courtney is coming home for Christmas! Yeah!!!!

And here are a few more quilt squares. These are from my cousin's family. I absolutely love these fabrics - I think the one with the cherries is my favorite.


stollmyheart said...

The fabrics are great...and I LOVE the quotes on them! The quilt is going to be so cool!

Anonymous said...

Awesome fabrics and quotes! Everyone is being so clever. Would you please post Tucker's pictures on Snapfish or Shutterfly, whichever you use, so I can download them? They are awesome.

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