Sunday, September 4, 2011

RIP macbook pro

So I mentioned Sam's new nickname, Spaz.  Well, I guess he's not really a spaz, he's just a boy.  Quite the opposite of our gentle little Poppy.  He's very, um, mobile.  And energetic.  He's got ants in his pants.  But all boys do, don't they?  Anywho, when Poppy was a baby, I used to always drink my coffee out of a travel mug with a serious leak-proof top because I was afraid that she would knock my cup over and we would have coffee spills all over the house.  As she got older, I eventually went back to drinking my coffee out of a normal coffee cup.  And so now that Sam is completely mobile, I'm not sure why I didn't switch back to my trusty leak-proof/spill-proof travel mug.  Which brings us to the title of this post.

Yesterday morning, I put my big ol' cup of coffee on the coffee table in the living room as I got out my laptop to begin checking my emails.  I'm not sure how I got distracted, but in enters Sam, who often looks like King Kong as he teeters and totters, knocking things left and right and suddenly the entire table was covered with coffee.  Including my laptop.  I actually didn't think there was any damage done because the laptop was closed at the time and I didn't see any coffee on the keyboard when I opened it.  A few hours went by before I had a chance to turn it on, and when I did it started smoking!  Smoke came out of the keyboard!  The autopsy was performed within a few hours at the apple store.  Diagnosis: beyond repair.

The nice repairman at the apple store commented on how well I was taking the news.  He said that he often sees tears when he tells customers "beyond repair".  Well folks, there is a silver lining to this story.  Remember earlier this summer when I mentioned I couldn't upload any pics because we were out of space on our computer?  Well Marc has spent the entire last month backing up every single thing on our computer to various different discs and drives and thingys.  He just finished backing up the very last video file the day before the "big spill".  The only thing that was lost were the pictures from our last week at the beach.  And I'm sad about that, but it could have been soooo much worse.  Tragically worse.  Two important lessons were learned yesterday.  #1 - make sure you are diligent about your back-ups!  #2 - make sure you always use a spill-proof coffee cup when around energetic little boys.

And right now, I am using an ancient dinosaur of a laptop that we had sitting in the bottom of a closet, just waiting to be recycled.  It's taken me almost an hour just to type this post!  This thing is a beast.  And it's a pc (shudder).  So until macbook pro2 arrives later this week, peace out.


Natalie said...

OH NO!! Thank God you moved all your pics!!!! And yes all boys have ants in their pants!!! Oliver is the SAME way!!

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Ohhhh nooooo!!!! But I am VERY jealous of the new computer en route!

(And VERY thankful you had everything backed up!!!)

Courtney said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG I have no idea what I would do with a PC anymore. RIP Macbook Pro. Good luck and god speed new Mac.
I back up everything at least once a month...maybe need to do it more often. YIKES!
P.S-If you need a fix, come on over!

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