Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hospital visit

My mom had knee replacement surgery this week and is spending the next few days in the hospital.  It's funny how much Poppy remembers about when I was in the hospital having Sam.  As soon as I told her where Uma was having her knee "fixed", Poppy asked if I remembered when she brought me dinner and a cookie at the hospital, and a stuffed animal for Sam.  I was relieved that she doesn't seem to think of the hospital as a scary place.  

We made these bright and cheery "feel better soon" cookies yesterday.  (don't ask - I don't know why I'm all about the cookies lately.  Last night as I was finishing up frosting these after Poppy went to bed, I told Marc that I find it relaxing.  Weird.)

And Poppy was very determined to get a book for Uma, because she's going to have a lot of time on her hands in the next few weeks.  She really thought Uma would want a Thomas book, or a Clifford book, but I was able to talk her into an adult novel.
And then today was spent making a card.  I love the things she comes up with to have me write in cards lately.

Dear Uma,
I really love you.  Can you come over again?  Are you going to like these cookies I made for you?
Love, Poppy

And Sam just sat there looking cute the whole time.  He loves being able to sit at the table with everyone now that he's in his big boy highchair.

So tonight we're bringing up dinner and our little care package.  Poppy is very excited about the adventure of going to the hospital for a visit!


Michelle said...

You are baking fool! Dang girl. Love Poppy's letter to Uma.

Christine @ 12,450miles said...

Seriously - how do you find time to bake all this awesomeness!? I barely keep the clothes clean here!

jen said...

Beautiful cookies!! I am so not a baker. Envy :)
Hope your mom recovers quickly--love the get well message!

Elizabeth Frick said...

Oh, wish your mom well for me! Nobody likes being in the hospital :(
And I *totally* get the baking cookies being relaxing thing. I LOVE to bake goodies! I eat a couple of whatever I made and then I'm done with the batch. So the process is definitely therapeutic :)

Tammy said...

Beautiful... and best wishes to your mom!

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