Friday, June 19, 2009

bad mommy


I just realized that Poppy is now 25 months old, almost 26 months, and I completely forgot about her monthly update. Since we are so close to 26 months, I won't go into a full update, but here are a few bits about my baby...

*She got herself out of her bed for the first time this morning. It was at her normal wake up time, but she usually just sits up and calls out (or I should say sings out) for one of us to come get her. This morning Lola slipped into her room before I did and I watched from the doorway to see what would happen. Upon seeing Lola, Poppy sat up in bed and in a real small whisper said "Up Lola! Up! (pats her bed) Where mama Lola? Where mama?" Quite possibly the cutest little conversation ever. She then proceeded to get out of bed and follow Lola into our room. We'll see what happens tomorrow morning...

*Loves to sing. She can sing Twinkle, Twinkle with me and some parts are even in perfect harmony. Happy Birthday and Row Your Boat are also commonly heard in our house right now.

*She had her first little stomach bug about 2 weeks ago. Ever since then, this girl can eat like no other. She eats almost anything we put on her plate and when we ask her if she's all done she has been known to say no, and then start licking the crumbs off her plate. She has been going to bed with a serious buddha-belly lately.

*Has discovered how to count up to 4. She gets so excited when she sees something she can count, even if there are only two things. "On, twoooo!" with a smile so big you'd think she just won the lottery.

*Watched "The Little Mermaid" for the first time (well, 10 minutes of it until she started asking for Elmo instead) and is convinced that I am Ariel and Dada is the prince.  Awwww.

*Have I ever mentioned that she really likes ice-cream?



Exciting news on the elephant front - my mom took her to the zoo today and reported that her love of the elephants is back and strong as ever. What a relief. And we have a couple other exciting things going on around here - 1 more week of school left for me until I get to spend aaaallllll summer long with Little Miss, and we have a very important 1 year anniversary coming up very soon, too!


saintlouisfricks said...

The Lola-Poppy convo is sooooo cute!
And the Buddha belly? Do I hear a growth spurt coming on??? ;)
I forgot that you guys have the same (close at least) anniversary as we do with Olive! Can you even BELIEVE it's been a year?!

kristin said...

that conversation with lola is the cutest thing ever! i love picturing that little scenerio... :)

Christine said...

I, too, love that Lola conversation!! So cute! And I think it's adorable how much she loves her ice cream... girl after my own heart.

Michelle said...

Love the Lola and Poppy interaction. Sounds like Poppy has a great sidekick. 1 year already?!?

1 year

emily said...

just keep on pushing those disney movies and she will eventually fall in love. lulu kept asking for backyardigans, but i persisted and now she digs them:) you see, i LOVE me some disney world and have to have her into it. then we can convince dada we need to a trip to FL! hee.

ps..i need a video of miss poppy singing!

Chandra said...

Oh I love the story about getting out of bed! So sweet.

You must be really looking forward to spending the whole summer with Poppy. I'm sure Poppy is going to love it too! And I agree with Em, video please!

Dana said...

okay, the morning conversation with lola?!?! seriously? the cutest thing ever!!!

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