Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back to business

Remember how I mentioned I was on cloud 9 about a month ago? When we got Poppy's referral? Well I'm still there, on cloud 9. I'm just so excited to finally meet her that I can barely think about anything else. As a result of being in this state of bliss for over a month now, my house is an absolute mess, the library is a mess, and I need to get my act together. I started an enormously long list of things I need to get organized in the library before I take my maternity leave. Speaking of maternity leave, I'm totally freaking out that someone else is going to be doing my job next year. I get anxiety just thinking about it. But that's normal, right? Anywho, this house needs to get completely organized within the next 3 months. I mean every kitchen cabinet and drawer, my closet, the basement, everything! Anxiety. Breathe. Saturday will be spent making a major shopping trip to Ikea. Hopefully we'll come home with some organizational items. And then Sunday is our much-anticipated shower from my friends at work. Super excited. I'll definitely post some pictures.

And now it's back to the quilt, which is in the process of being made by my aunt Joni as we speak. I had to decide what size and thickness I wanted it to be. That was a tough decision because I don't know what size bed she is going to have. I finally decided to go with a "lap quilt". I plan to keep it folded up on her soon-to-be-made-by-my-dad window seat. What little girl doesn't need a window seat in her bedroom? And what little girl wouldn't love to snuggle up with a blanket full of love from all the people that so eagerly waited for her arrival?

This quilt square is from Sarah's daughter (who is almost the same age as Poppy) and Sarah's niece.

And this square is from Sarah's mom. I absolutely love them both!


Courtney said...

It's called "Nesting" and you are in the thick of it. Anxiety, organization, excitement, its all apart of it. Enjoy it! Breathe! You will have everything done and under control when Poppy comes. And if you need any help or need anything just call.

Natalie said...

I agree you are totally nesting!!!!! Also, forget about the Library while you are on maternity leave!! It will be just fine and you can take care of it when you go back - JUST ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF POPPY! I will keep an eye on your library (and you know I will take good care of it!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Amanda & Marc,

I get goosebumps when I read your blog! We are so happy for you guys and we look forward to meeting Poppy!!!

Jenny & Mike Mantione

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