Thursday, October 25, 2007

The waiting game

This week I've learned about a change being made to the adoption process that will make our wait-time to travel after referral go from about 1 month, to at least 2 months. Just one more "bump" in the long and bumpy road of international adoption. And not only does the road seem to be getting bumpier, it's getting longer too! Since we have been DTV (on the official waiting list) our agency has not received any referrals. It's been over a month and I definitely expected to have moved up a couple of spots on the list by now. Surprisingly, I'm not getting upset about the lack of good news. Our journey to parenthood has been full of unexpected twists and turns and this is nothing compared to what we've already endured. I'm keeping myself busy with plans for the nursery and the excitement for my shower is overwhelming (thanks to all of the secretive planning my mom and SIL's are doing). And to keep myself even more busy, I've recently started a new Poppy project - be sure to check your mailbox over the next couple of days. (and by mailbox, I mean the one that is outside of your house, not your email inbox)

Oh, and one more bummer I had this week - as I was in the middle of listening to "Eat, Pray, Love", it suddenly went blank! One of the cd's I uploaded it from was damaged!! And now because of the popularity of the book, there is a really long waiting list to get another audio book. Just my luck this week. So while I'm waiting for my referral, and waiting to travel, and waiting for my new audiobook, maybe I'll write my own book called "Eat, Pray, Wait".


Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up, your SIL's and Mom will cheer you up!! Eat, Pray, Live can also be read you know...JK. Bummer about not moving up on the list yet, but the best things in life are worth waiting for right? We'll just keep telling ourselves that. Tucker and I are looking forward to tomorrows Bidwell Park adventure. See ya tomorrow!

Marglow said...

Margaret said-I love how you keep posting and persisting. Marc once asked me for a quote for perseverance and I said, check out Abe Lincoln, he had a pretty steep and disappointing 30yr battle to USpresident, but he always exhibited patience despite all the obstacles of his life. I think I will change the word patience to Amanda.Longer for me to knit. Always love..

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