Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Some good news and some potentially bad news...

So let's start with the good news - I spoke to my case worker at our agency yesterday and asked what the current wait time would be if we were to get our dossier completed in the next 2 weeks. He said that as of right now there are about 7 families ahead of us, which means we still fall into the 2-4 month wait for a referral (which is really good news- I lose sleep every night imagining that by the time we submit our dossier, the wait will be more like 2-4 years!!!)

Now onto the potentially very bad news... so I'm reviewing the checklist for our dossier that I received from our agency on Saturday and one of the documents needed is a color photocopy of the signature page of your passport. Done. And then underneath that it says that all documents for your dossier must match the name and signature on your passport. Wait a minute, hold the phones, heart is beginning to palpitate - my passport still has my maiden name on it!!

I immediately grab my computer and start looking up passport renewals, name changes, amendments, etc. And I can't find a clear answer online, but I can find about 100 stories about how backed up the US passport dept. is and how everyone is super frustrated with how long the wait is. And of course it's Saturday morning and I am going to have to wait 48 agonizing hours before I can talk to anyone at my agency about what to do! Crap.

First thing Monday morning, I went to the post office to see if they could amend my passport and they said they stopped making amendments about 2 years ago and that I will have to apply for a new passport and she hasn't seen anyone get their new passport in less than 3 months. Crap. I call my agency and my case worker is speechless and says that he will contact our coordinator in VN and she will hopefully get back to him the next day. As of right now, I am waiting for him to call me with the answer.

And the reason this could be potentially very, very bad news is that if I indeed have to apply for a new passport and if the wait is indeed a minimum of 3 months, that would not only put our entire adoption progress on hold for those months, it would also mean that most of the paperwork we have collected for our dossier would expire by then and we would basically have to start over collecting documents.

In other news... both wedding this past weekend were fabulous! It was a much needed weekend filled with plenty of drinks, great food, dancing and laughing.

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Anonymous said...

I am sending you positive energy by means of the world wide web. Hang in there A$.....Tamdog

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